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Love triangles


Where is passion, there is a problem. Some people like to sit on two chairs until they fall down. Man and two women, woman and two men, problem is the same, because it is hard to decide who will be winner in this game.

Few things are for sure:

1. person who has two partners is selfish

2. someone will get hurt

3. you can’t love two people in the same way

4. it is big possibility to stay alone at the end

There are words you can hear as an apology, from people who are guilty for love triangles.

“I want that all women are mine. ” “I could not decide.” “I love both.” “I did not want to lose nobody, so i have relations with both.”

Creator of love triangle is very busy person. Marriage and kids on one side, and wild life with mistress on other side. Also that person is very manipulative, it is hard to leave him/her. Sweet words are the main weapon. Imagine that man. He will be very gentle to his wife, buy flowers and chocolates and perfumes, take his kids to school, and his wallet will be always open for their wishes. And he will escape on romantic journey with his mistress.

When you stuck in love triangle, you have all in your hands to make things perfect . You have no enough time for conflicts with your partner, you can avoid troubles because you are too busy . And you will give hope to both. Man says to his mistress “i will leave my boring wife”, and to his wife “i will get rid of her, she was just an adventure.” He is fooling both.


Also the woman can be in the same situation. Working woman, she has loyal husband and kids at home, and passionate affair with her boss or her business partner. She has everything, and they have just half of her. It is very hard to deal both relations in the same time, because each of your partners will ask time for himself. 

What is interesting here, basic person in love triangle is very hot and interesting because he or she will give only pieces of heart and time. This smells as aphrodisiac and wake up many desires, because you have feeling that you are eating, but still you are hungry.


As triangle exists with 3 persons as basic, it can break very easy. Someone get bored or someone is tired of waiting. Someone get hurt because in this situation person is spending too much time alone for holidays, birthdays, all important events in life.

The owner of love triangle can easy stay alone, because fooling two persons is a risk. Mistakes happens and it will finish with two breakups or one, if you get lucky that one of partners forgive you this adventure. 

Make your triangle better as circle between you and your only partner. Or stay alone and pull yourself until you wake up.

When you leave love triangle, you are still dealing with causer. Even if you remove consequences, in this case still causer is here. What makes you to do this? Are you get bored? Are you addict of adrenaline? Are you capable to love partner or something missed in your relation?

Ways of love are strange and some will forgive this trip in unknown area. Some relations and marriages will be more firm after affair. Some will never recover. 


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