Meat is murder


Famous singer Steven Morrissey, former frontman of rock alternative group “The Smiths” talk about his choice on original way. He judge everyone who is eating meat. His song “Meat is murder” talks about eating meat as kind of crime.

Indeed i love his music and he is one of my favorite, but his attitude is ridiculous. Accord him, people who are eating meat are as pedophiles, criminals, monsters. 

This attitude reminds me on childhood. Spoil brats were always yelling and crying when they wanted to prove their rights. “My dad is stronger. He will smash your head. You are idiot.” 

If you want to prove your choice as right, wrong way is to judge other choice. This mean you are pushing yourself as kind of authority , because you are smart and others are stupid. Even worse, you will spit on person because she thinks differently than you.


Lot of people love to say – i am different, and you don’t like me because of that. It is not easy to be different, but important thing is how you express your difference. For example, in Croatia, some events are Gay pride in Zagreb and Split. Supporters can be very aggressive in attempts to prove their rights. No, i am not judging you because you are gay or lesbian. I will judge your violent behavior. You can promote your values and choice on decent way.


Ivan worked in hospital. He lost job and he complaint on mobbing and discrimination, because he is gay. The truth was, he was abusing patients with his behavior. He used to wear female stockings and dance in hospital room in front of old women. It was funny for him, but women were shocked and they reported him. It doesn’t matter because he is gay, he is not in circus to make a show.

When you act violent, you will get an opposite result. This is your rebel against discrimination, but in fact you are doing wrong. You push others to accept you , and you don’t let others to choose. You want freedom and democracy? Then you can’t use KGB methods.

Smile and be kind and wise. People will follow someone who will listen their opinion and who will know how to show them real path. Leader is person with calm mind and warm heart. You want to be boss to majority? Show them why you are different , wiser and better. 

Otherwise that crowd will make runaway as in western movies. You will be only small spot in human history, remembered as an idiot.


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