Hot love at workplace


It is hard to control emotions when people are horny. This internal impulse can turn people into animals, that they forgot what they said or do, where and when. It is very unpleasant when we choose wrong place to show up our desires.

This event happened during business meeting. Woman is kind of director, on high position at her workplace. In the middle of business meeting, she was typing horny message on her cell phone. She wrote: “i will fast wank your penis”. It was message for her secret lover. Unfortunately, journalists are everywhere and they noted her message and published into press. 

Human desires are wonderful thing, and it would be stupid to judge others, because everyone likes sex. Problem is when it happens on place where are some rules of behavior. What kind of example such woman can offer to their workers? How she can ask for respect at workplace, when she shown disrespect toward people who were at meeting?

Indeed many business meetings are boring. Seminars, educations, workshops, all this is kind of boredom where people can learn something but also they should be focused. When people are not focused, they will draw in the paper, they will write sms (like these ), they will yawn. It is not once that politicians slept in Parliament. Every speech can be annoying and boring, it depends about subjects, but also we should at least pretend that we are listening. This is part of our job, we will got salary, and this is our duty. When people are unemployed, when economic crises is reality in Croatia, people will ask who hired that woman. She should be employed at hot line. 

It is just pity we did not caught answer on her message. What kind of punishment she will get it is not familiar for now. Just she should not be surprised if her workers use this against her next time when she will give orders.


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