Best friends are not for granted

Ernest Hemingway said that a man is not an island. We need interaction with people, and some of them will be our friends. What kind of person is friend?

For sure there is difference between acquaintance and friendship. If we greet someone at the street, it doesn’t mean this is our friend. If we work with someone in the same office, we have no obligation to be friends either. The same is with neighbors, we can be polite, but it is not our duty to share privacy with them.

Someone can have internet profile with thousands friends. Only word friend doesn’t reveal what is inside of this. People at page can be only numbers to increase friend list, many of them you will never know or exchange even word hello with them.

What makes someone real friend is much bigger than daily greetings and few kind words. Look at how many people will come if you prepare celebration, party or if you accidentally won at lottery. Wow, how much friends love you! This is not real image. 

If you have debts, if you are passing hard divorce or you are depressed and without job, these kind of friends will melt as ice on the sun. Where are such friends now?

Also, people can be conformists who will sacrifice you for the sake of their group. You doesn’t fit in some friend circles, so they will throw you out. 

Best friend is person who will not give you useless advices or talk about himself when you need someone who will listen to you

This kind of person will not runaway when you are in trouble. He or she will not flirt with your partner , copy your style or compete with you. This kind of people are rivals, not friends, they are backstabbers and it is not pleasant to walk with knife in your back.

Everyone likes nice words and promises, but act will reveal real friend. Someone who do an opposite from his words is not stable and trustful person. He can sit on two chairs and play for both teams from selfish interests.

Be careful before you call someone best friend. It is not matter how long you know this person. Important is, what this person do for you all this time. How much loyalty and stability you got from him? Do you want to smile or cry when you remember her face?

Best friend is person with guarantee, someone you can count it. This skill is proved a long time ago.


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