Karma is a bitch

Life will not spare us from pain. Tears and wounds are part of living, and we are hurt in the unexpected way when we are not ready for this. Things are worse when your friend or lover hurts you. Someone you kissed and hugged, someone you shared secrets and trust suddenly is your enemy. That is a double scar, a person who breaks your heart and trust. When enemy hurts you, you are less wounded, because that was not a person who lived in your heart.

Our reactions will be various. If you don’t wish vengeance, you will forgive, and try to forget. If you like revenge, you will not have peace until you return this kick. Here is one more way, life will be your supporter and karma will do great work.

What is karma and how does it work? I talk about karma as balance. If you do bad things to someone constantly, it will come back to you. If you hurt an innocent person, you will suffer from time. If you hurt someone who loves you, you will get the same treatment from a person you love. Pain is connected chain, so large amount of negative energy will spread and in the right moment, a bad person will get a lesson.

What happens in this reclaim moment?

Person x will ask “why this happens to me?”

Person x remembers something from past, bad actions and deeds.

Person x will ask for forgiveness.

Person x will pass through the circle of pain.

It is hard to wait that karma hits a person who makes your life miserable. Sometimes, that person will stay unpunished, but karma will focus on children and relatives. The target of pain is not always a person who did something bad. Karma is cruel and that lesson could be collateral damage. 

One example shows this.

Adele had short relation with Roy. She was young and she explained to him that it was not real love so she wanted to be free. Roy did not accept this, he stalked her, disturbed on phone, and gossiped her around, to ruin her reputation. She was unpleasantly surprised when she found a title on her car “Adele is a slut”. It was a bad act and Roy also wanted more, he entered into her friends’ circle to turn her friends against her. It was a hard time for Adele because she was studying and she was focused on exams. She finished college and she got work as a lawyer. One day she found an article on the internet, about a local accident. Roy was injured by the knife . He was in a hospital because his girlfriend stabbed him. Adele felt relief.

Some people will say, it is not nice to celebrate misery of others. Well, if you suffered because someone gave you pain, you have right on your personal celebration. Make your little party and enjoy this moment. Later, when you drink in the name of karma, forget this. Don’t remember what was bad and sad. Set yourself free. There is a saying that karma is a bitch because you never know when it will hit you. 


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