The bulletproof heart


Key of frustrations is inside of us. We are the worst enemies of ourselves. It doesn’t matter what will others say or do if it doesn’t reflect us, we are calm and stable. Once when we relate to something bad, this is beginning of misery.

Some people have the big system of punishments. They will cry because of things which someone said to them. They will get revenge or start the big fight. In extreme cases, they will hurt themselves in a real sense.

Gabriel was the very sensitive girl. She was depressive and introvert and it was hard to communicate with her. Once when she opened her soul, she expected too much. When her boyfriend left her she started to cut herself with the razor. Small scratches on her hand, one by one, all were reminders of her failures. She was guilty so it was her way to get punishment. Later she grew up in the gorgeous woman and she gets married, but scratches on her hand could not be removed. She did damage inside and outside. 

Why is important if someone treats us in a bad way? 

Before we say or do something hasty, let’s think about how far we can go with such way of thinking.

Is that person important to you? She said or he said something provocative, nasty or insulting. Who is that person to you? Lover, member of family, friend or someone you did not even know very well?

Do you value her opinion? If you don’t care what she said, she can’t hurt you. I don’t care what my neighbors think about me, so they can’t hurt me.

What will happen if you hurt this person back? Will you feel better? She will cry or he will be angry, so if that makes you better, go ahead. Just think about sophisticated ways and don’t hurt yourself more.

If you think that someone makes your life bitter, face it with that person and think about your advantages. Know your enemy well.

Your opponents will be surprised with unexpected reactions. They will not hit a target if you know how to make jokes or stay calm at the moment they want to hurt you.

The furious person is easy to target. It is very easy to dare someone who has weak nerves and the small amount of patience. Those people are fighting at streets, nightclubs and bars, they are breaking glasses and making the crowd and later security kick them out. 

The strongest persons are not measured by weight, they are measured with their mind. If you watch action movies, the smart man will have big gorilla bodyguard near him, to invite him when is necessary. The smart person will not make hands dirty, others will do their dirty jobs. 

Insults are bullets. They will hit in fragile spots. You can expose yourself to bullets and bleed, or you can avoid them with bulletproof strategies.


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