Problems under carpet

If you could live in bubbles, one touch would be enough to broke this circle. The same is with problems, most of us want that they vanish, just like that, if we move little finger. Facing with troubles is hard part, especially if we use denials, and pretend that our problems don’t exist at all. […]

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Roommates from hell

  During life we are often in situation to share our privacy with someone else. Classmate in classroom. Roommate in dorm.  Office mate. No, we did not choose that people. I chose my boyfriend and my friends, but i did not choose people who will go into college with me, who will work with me, […]

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Hitchhiking guide

  I know, alone girl in the road  will have label as tramp or loser. For sure that is understandable, who wants to drive with someone unknown in the backseat? And if you put thumbs up and sit in unknown car, you take a risk. How many girls were victims of maniac because they enter […]

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Friendship under surface

Elimination is part of selection, so when you pick friends , you will also reject some candidates, because they are not accord your standards. Sounds cruel, but it doesn’t mean you are antisocial. We are not obligated to give hand to everybody, to support anyone and to hug every person in this world. If you […]

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Mesmerized lovers

Have you ever feel as you fall in trap from where you don’t want to get out? Do you wish to forget all what you learn about love and surrender to this person to lead you? This hypnotic condition happens when you last expect. You don’t mind if person is dangerous for you, if he […]

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Don’t be copy paste follower

  Even bad original is better than excellent copy. If we are just blank print of someone else, we lose our identity. Look at for example Marilyn Monroe. She had and she has million copies. Girls now days try to copy her, her style, her makeup, her clothes. Indeed when i look at some folk […]

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