How to stay more far from your ex partner?



The worst thing anyone can do after breakup is to involve with best friend or family member of ex partner. That looks as kind of incest and more people could be hurt.

Breakup is painful thing and people don’t see clear after broken relations, many ask for comfort on wrong place. Just is it reasonable to date with your ex boyfriend’s brother, sister, mother or best friend, people who are closely connected with your ex love?


Before you start something with person who is close to your ex partner, think about this:

they can gossip you and compare notes

– you will meet your ex partner more than you think


– you can break your present relation from the same reasons which caused your previous breakup

Rita was really hurt after relation with Edgar. He was playboy and he even slap her in publicity. After their breakup, she became close to his best friend Alan. Alan was opposite character, or she thought so. When they met Edgar on birthday party, Edgar insulted Rita in front of Alan. That time, Alan did not say a word to protect her. He was afraid of Edgar and Rita passed through disappointment again.

When two people belong to same family, as two brothers, this situation is unpleasant. They rise together, they have same habits and also there is competition. Blood is not water, and two brothers or two sisters will support each other even in situation when this is not expected. The same is with two best friends, if they cherish their friendship for a years, they will share secrets and mutual partner can be someone who stuck between two fires. When they should choose, they might support friend before than partner. 

Imagine situation, you date with pretty girl, you split and for few months you want her sister? Then she will invite you at home for Thanksgiving day? Somehow, it will not be happy family gathering. More, that reminds on Jerry Springer show, where everyone accuse other for troubles, and they use fists to justify their rights.

When you get out from unhappy relation, it is better to be as far as you can from your ex partner. 

You don’t want to wake up in bed when your partner eat breakfast with his brother who was also your boyfriend. You don’t want to share table with your ex boyfriend and your sister, and for sure you don’t want to celebrate your best’s friend birthday together with your former boyfriend.

Some connections are as chain, if one part breaks, whole chain will be ruined. If you open new door let this be more far from old door. If you burn bridge, don’t pass there anymore if is not necessary. 

I know, love doesn’t ask for reasons, but your situation will be more complicated if you decide to have something with someone who is close to your ex partner. Some other relations will be broken and you might even stay isolated. 


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