Are you enough selfish?


Did you ever find yourself in a situation that others accuse you of selfishness? You canceled the deal with someone because something urgent happened and you could not come. You missed the party because you had an important exam so you were studying. Your pet was sick and you could not go with a friend to watch a football match. 

People will look situation different from you and it is not the rarity that someone will call you selfish. “You think only about your needs, what about me?” That is something that you hear when someone asks your attention. But, the key to happiness is indeed in selfishness. If we will always please to other wishes, when is our time? When will we do things for ourselves, which makes us happy? 

Ask every person with ambitions, ask every successful man how much time he found for own plans. How much selfishness is created during life, and why he realized his dream?

Helen and Alice were good friends, from high school until college. Alice was a party girl, and Helen was nerdier. Alice also had a bad habit to complain about her problems to Helen, in every moment. It was midnight when Alice called Helen to talk about his awful ex-boyfriend who is stalking her. Helen was very patient, but she had her limits. When Alice called again in the morning, until Helen had breakfast, Helen lost nerves. “I have right to eat in peace. Please, can we leave this subject for later? ” Alice replied: “You think only about yourself. You are so selfish. No wonder you are single. ” That situation went wrong and they did not talk few months. 

Everyone has a priority list.

You know what is important to you. 24 hours in a day is sometimes not enough to do everything you wish. Today, you want to visit your mother. You are invited to go to the cinema with a best friend. Also, today is your cousin’s birthday. Your boss wants that you work overtime. Life had a strange sense of jokes, and often it will happen that you will be busy when you don’t hope. Your relatives want to see you, and they did not call you 6 months? But they want to visit you today, when you must clean house or when you are not at home. The magical word NO will be insulted by some people, because they feel abandoned. What, you don’t care about me?

How to say on the decent way that you have no time for someone?

“I am busy. See you later.”

” I will call you soon. “

” We will deal for next time.”

It is true that some people are really selfish or rude. They will reject you on the indecent way and you will feel like shit. You will kiss their door, without explaining why. Then, you will remember this for next time. Often, such people will ask a favor from you, and if you are vindictive, you will say NO. 

Our life is a puzzle. In this puzzle, all parts are not equal. Some parts are not red, and not urgent. It can wait. Your baby can’t wait to feed him and your old mother needs care, but the party can wait. Also, if you jump every time when someone calls you, you respond on the whistle, agog. It is familiar that such person will be taken for granted. You are always free, so everyone will call you, but when you need someone, you will stand in front of the locked door, because you are not enough selfish.


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