Be a winner and give up


Give up. This words sound as defeat, isn’t it? It sound as you go step behind , back to the beginning. You quit and wipe your tears, because your strength betrayed you. Is this right, that you are losing battle?

Giving up is not loser position. If you look at deeper, giving up is freedom in some cases. If you constantly go for things which are not for you, giving up is blessing. You will stop knocking on door where nobody opens and set free your space for things which will come to you.

Let’s give up from this things:

Relation which doesn’t leads anywhere.

Job which is not your dream.

Friend who ignores you.

Boyfriend who sit on two chairs.

If you are struggling with difficult situation, giving up is not the end. It will help you to see things more objective and different. You will be silent observer.

Do you know when you will win the most from love ? When you turn back to partner who is not devoted to you. Don’t feed his ego, be quiet from him and turn him back. If he was unstable, he will start to afraid now and it will help him to set up his priorities.

Do you know when you will get the most respect? When you stop do favors for people who only used you. When you stop to say yes, to answer on all requests. When you reject to be a fool.

I know how is difficult to give up from something you desire the most. When you push and pull, and situation is difficult, when everything is against you. All what you see is face of pain, this white deadly face in black dress, with empty plate where is nothing for you. You desire that man, but he can’t be yours.

Run and don’t turn back. If you will never run, nobody will catch you. Maybe is not guy you wanted, but others will see you more clear.

Person who is struggling, who shows attitude is very attractive and charismatic . Someone can fall in love in you because you gave up from pieces and ask for whole cake.



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