Bets and odds -are you realistic?


Drowning man catches at straws. Even when it looks like everything is over, still we wish bonus match. Some life situations are hard to handle, but even harder to let it go. We wish to ask one more chance. Failed marriage, lost job, exam we did not pass, ex boyfriend or girlfriend, all are actors in our own drama and we are not ready to say goodbye.

Alan was ready for retirement, but he did not want to go away from his job. Young forces came, so new pretentious colleagues in fancy suits and with big knowledge, geeks with ties and laptops were waiting in front of his door. Alan did not want to quit. He extended his work time with a help of some business connections. No, that nerds will not replace him this moment. He still has joker in his pocket. He will show to this greenhorn what is real leader.

If you are fighter, as persistent person you will hard give up from things you wish. Grab your aim as dog will grab some bones and don’t let go.

Now is the question, how long we stay in the game? When is match point? 

This is syndrome of burning house. If you are fatalist, you will have excuse “this is written in the stars.” So, this house is half burned, let this other half go to hell because you don’t wish to see remains. If you are savior, you will fight until the last piece.

Count your odds and calculate, is this really over? 

When to let go?

If your problem depends of other person, and she or he doesn’t want to fight for relation, give it up.

If things are over a long time ago, don’t exhume old problems. You will dig and the result will be dead zombie.

If you tried more times, and every attempt ended with zero result. You try to woke up person from coma, he is dead plant, it doesn’t work out.

When your attempts hurt you even more. Every time when this woman rejects you, this is more painful.

Sometimes, things are black outside, but inside still you can see chance to win. That red spots are your chances and if you play wise, you can win.

Which are signs that is not over yet?

Person you wish in your life is still contacting you. Maybe she is unstable, she can’t decide yet. Try to get her on your side.

You can lose much, and also you can win even more. If big cards are in the game, don’t give up so easily.

Your problem is here because of your own mistakes. Now, that is your fault, correct this on time.

Circumstances separated you from aims or desires, it was not good time. Maybe is now your time, so try again.

Only you can figure out is something worthy or not of another try. Also, don’t forget emotional moment. How much you wish this? Will you die inside if you don’t get it? Will you blame yourself till the end of your life that you did not tried?

Problems are bets, and our attempts are odds. Check out your chances and welcome into the race.


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