Don’t be a copy paste follower


The even bad original is better than excellent copy. If we are a just blank print of someone else, we lose our identity.

Look at for example Marilyn Monroe. She had and she has a million copies. Girls now days try to copy her, her style, her makeup, her clothes. Indeed when I look at some folk singers to copy Marilyn style, it looks so cheap and superficial. Marilyn would turn around in her grave to see such trash.

When we are teenagers, we search for and explore our style, our ideas, our views. And some people are good role models, but we are not them. It is possible to write crime stories, but Agatha Christie is one and nobody can’t replace Lady of death. It is better to develop own style than to copy other styles on the bad way.

Imagine reconstruction of Leonardo Da Vinci picture, that you put cheap jewel around Mona Lisa neck. That would be shameful. The same thing is with some movie remakes or evergreen songs. Leave it untouchable.

The worst kind of copies are people who pretend to be someone else. Imagine teenage girl Amanda fall in love in that cool guy Andrew. Unfortunately, he had cool girlfriend Sandy, she was wearing the short skirt, smoking, and drinking and riding the motorcycle. Poor Amanda wanted to be like Sandy, she wore the short skirt even her legs are fatty, she tries to smoke even she was choking. Finally, as a top of disaster, she rides the motorcycle and caused the accident on the road. All she did for an affection of some guy who did not know that she is even exist.

Who loves you, also love your personality made by you. If guy compares you with his mother, sister or his ex, then he is not worthy of your love. If he cannot accept your habits and attitudes, it is time to let him go. Do not change yourself because you are not a clone. You can’t be a program, to change or update your settings for a new user to be available and appropriate.

To be yourself sometimes needs a lot of courage. How will others accept us? Will they judge us or will they laugh? Mostly, bullying happens when kids are unable to accept differences. In this case, abused kid rather change his views than to lose friends. Fear from loneliness and rejection will drown many personalities. Many will not develop guts just because of fact that people will not love them. 

You are copy paste type if:

You buy skirt which is in trend when your friend bought this.

You use slang language because your friends are doing this.

You start listening to music you never listened before because that is in trend.

You start to live with the pet because that is popular.

You will insult someone on the street because this is cool and it will increase your rating in some circles.

Original is something you will have forever. If you are copy and paste, next time you will get a request to be something else again because this version is getting old. So be a lady for Steve, be the slut for Jack, be the cool underground girl for Martin. You will get lost by not knowing who are you indeed. If someone will laugh at your role model, it means they will laugh to you too. Is it worthy to sell your identity just for little attention? 


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