Bureaucracy is not dead yet

Hans Christian Andersen wrote story “Emperor’s new clothes”, about emperor who hired two contractors for his new clothes and they deceived him. They stole money for some materials which were invisible accord them, and they convince emperor that his new clothes is created only for him, but on different way. The emperor was indeed naked because they did not give him nothing. When he walked nude in publicity , nobody from the crowd had no courage to tell that he is indeed naked, just little child said the truth.

This emperor was not good man, worthy of sorrow. He spend all money for his pleasures, and people in his country were poor and hungry. Still they adored him and they looked at world from his eyes, until little child did not stop this illusion.

Situation did not changed much nowadays. Even humanity passed into different society systems, from feudalism into socialism, communism and capitalism , some things stayed the same.

If one country needs adjustment time between two systems, situation is even worse. Like Frankenstein who created monster, in this countries monster will be mixed with different values from few systems.

Look at job in civil services in Croatia.  There are remains of bureaucracy, we can see touch of Tito even he is not alive already 34 years. On one side, authorities in civil services will behave as pupils of Staljin, and from other hand, they will ask discipline and IT knowledge from capitalism. So we can see poor people who don’t know IT skills, even basic as copy paste button, but they will have responsibility to lead whole department.

One day, in one Croatian firm, Vesna called on the phone. She was in panic. Vesna is boss of the department and she doesn’t know what to do because she pressed insert button and she can’t type normally on keyboard. Other problem was option track change, she did not know how to use this to make changes in her document. She called her good friend Antonija, who worked in the same workplace.

I will not help you anymore dear. This is shame. You are boss, you need to learn something about computers. Someone will laugh to you.

Next case reminds on iron fist of Staljin. Melita had fever and she called her boss in Monday to notify her that she is sick.

What? You need to give me password of your computer. Do you hear me? How you can’t come today? We have deadline.

Her boss Slavica was in panic, she did not ask Melita how she feels. She was yelling as lunatic. She treated Melita as she is cow on the farm who did not give much milk.

Times are changing, but some people are not ready. As monster of Frankenstein, they will walk confused and do big damage in their business structures. 


What is worse, weak people will obey to authorities. 

This time Melita said that empress is naked. She went to higher boss and said about her treatment. Even Slavica was rude, she pretended kindness, like emperor who was nude, but he faked that he wears special clothes.

Slavica was boss on department and some people afraid of her, they did all accord her orders, even she made mistakes. But they were not here to think with own brains. They were here to repeat and write what Slavica said. Melita was black sheep so she expose her in front of others.

Until people will obey to authorities, there is no progress. Someone must give orders, but not closed minded people as Vesna and Slavica. They are side effect of communism. They are bureaucracy, small minded and limited women. They watch on other people as numbers, and their knowledge stopped in time when they finished university, in ex Yugoslavia.

Tito died, but his ideas survived in some areas, as evil remains with resistant roots.


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