Busybodies – your nose in my business


Some people know everything about everyone. You can see old woman with grey hair on the window, she is staring around and any car or person will not be out of her focus. If you want to hear news, don’t open radio or television, you don’t need to log even on internet. Just ask some busybody about this and you will know what you need.

Who are people born to be busybodies?

They have no personal life. They could be single and their pleasure is to dig in other privacy.

They are working on place where are many information. 

Local bartender, local hairdressers. Many people are gathering at bars and at hairdresser’s so all private details are available.

They are maybe retired or without job. It is really boring to spend 24 hours at day without any interests, so good way to fill their time is to watch on others.

They have much problems in their life and poking nose in other’s lives make them feel alive.

When you have no aim or purpose in life, time is never ending. One of the way is to create profile on social network and open four eyes. You can be friend of everybody and you can pass info around, to cause drama in other lives. This is very funny, to create a mess.

Busybodies are useful as witnesses because someone who was in the right time on the right place can be great source. Wow, finally that person did something big and great. 

How painful can be when you found out something what you did not want to discover, just because others poke their noses. They believe they will do favor to you. 

Lisa was old granny, indeed dear and fragile woman, but very lonely because her husband died before 15 years from heart attack. Lisa was spending days on her window in hope to see something interesting. It was her hobby and good way to spend her time. She was less depressive when she could watch around. Even she had spy glass, as real detective. Neighbors called her Mrs Marple, accord Agatha Christie novels. One day Paul,  her charming neighbor next door, went to business trip, for a week. His wife was alone at home. In evening hours Lisa saw unknown car in front of their building. Lisa was awake whole night, and the same car stayed there until morning. Lisa liked Paul, because she was always kind to her and sometimes she brought to her groceries from the market. So, she found opportunity to say thanks to him, she made photo of two people in front of unknown car. Paul’s wife and her unknown lover, in early morning hours, in not so friendly hug. When Paul found out for this, he did not react how Lisa expected. He had conflict with wife, but also he was angry on Lisa because she poke her nose where it was no place for this. Then she felt even more lonely than before, because Paul did not want to help her anymore . He lost compassion toward her.

I believe that every street has some old ladies or gentlemen on the window. Like in Hitchcock movie Rear window, when invalid become a spy and witness of murder. 

There is a quote, that curiosity killed the cat. Next time when you wish to spy, think about this.


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