Mesmerized lovers


Have you ever feel as you fall in trap from where you don’t want to get out? Do you wish to forget all what you learn about love and surrender to this person to lead you?

This hypnotic condition happens when you last expect. You don’t mind if person is dangerous for you, if he might hurt you or if future is unpredictable.

Now is not important who is this couple, important is the feeling. They live on big distance.

He can’t miss the day without checking his phone, is there message from her.

She must see him and she call him because her day gets better after she sees him.

He likes her sense for humor. She always find ways to make him smile, even he spent all day working overtime, all what he wants to see at the end of the day is her smile.

She likes his honesty. He said truth about him even truth was not nice. He did lot of mistakes in his past and he admit this to her.

She did not fall apart when he insulted her. She handle this with pride and closed him door temporary.

He was desperate when he did not hear news from her. He could not sleep before he got her message again.

She wants to be in his arms. He wants really to make love with her, not just having sex. He is tired from pleasures and hungry for pure love.

They did not touch each other yet, cause they did not meet for real. They are lost, mesmerized in present, locked in time and space.

Maybe they will meet for real. Maybe this love stays under virtual walls, as platonic. Maybe they lost contact.

In this moment, they just see world as common map, where they make each other day beautiful.


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