Roommates from hell



During life we are often in situation to share our privacy with someone else. Classmate in classroom. Roommate in dorm.  Office mate.

No, we did not choose that people. I chose my boyfriend and my friends, but i did not choose people who will go into college with me, who will work with me, or who will share room in dorm, because rent apartment is expensive.

If you are not reach man, you will be in situation to share your things and your privacy with people which you don’t like.  Somehow i understand homeless when they refuse help and safe shelter. If you are too big individualist, you will have problem with society and acceptance.

Few examples what you can get and how to solve.

1. toady roommatehe/she will confirm all what you say, being so kind that you will get sickness, and suddenly will ask to borrow your skirt or cell phone.

Say no immediately first time because you will fall into trap of victim role. How to refuse so sweet creature? You will have your shadow.

2. noisy roommatemake parties in dorm where all are invited, you will not sleep even you must get up early. If you have such person at office, buy earphones , he/she complain on work all the time. Otherwise you will listen reports and phone talks daily. Or just ignore and do something else, for example i am typing my email until my roommate has big speech.

3. paranoid roommatebohemian, all are against he/she, soon he/she will leave, this is not world for suffering, nobody understand their character. Explain them , world is not spinning around them.


4. roommate Casanova – all girls are in his company, all boys call her,  this kind of man seduced all woman at his workplace. You are in trap too, suddenly she/he will find perfect match for you. Tell them you are taken.


5. smokers if don’t  smoke, you are in trouble..because passionate smokers can be very selfish persons, space and air are place for their cigarette packs. Buy spray and let them move near open windows. Or let they buy electronic stick, stinky air is not around, and poison is stashed in their lungs.

The trouble with any kind of roommate, you usually don’t chose them. So in any case, you may forgive such things to your best friend or your lover or life partner, but not to randomly added person.


Life is as parking place. If you don’t go fast, someone else will take your place. So squeeze teeth and show your guts. You are not robot to follow other instructions. The stronger attitude you show, you will get more respect.


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