How to protect your soulmate?


 Love is the human purpose and we search our soulmate to realize this. Every woman wishes to find the right one, and during searching, she will cry, suffer and ask everyone why she is cursed and unhappy. On the other hand, that woman forgot that she is in the game and that searching is exciting. Just like in football championship, she is in the first league and she is fighting for the title with the competition. Women forget feeling of passion, adrenaline, electricity in blood until they are changing partners in hope that between them is a real one. 

Some women wish to stay always in the game, even when they get married. So, now here is perfect husband and kids, but that is already boring, let’s win another title. Somehow, women in forties wish to beat the younger competition, as some old sports champions wish to fight young rivals. In this dangerous game, that women risk something valuable, just to taste fresh blood once again.

When woman decide that is time for the playoff, it has nothing to her ages. She could be ready with 25 or 42, but important is that she is ready inside. 

Some factors will have an influence on this:

All ex-lovers already got married.

Her female friends got married and have kids.

She found a guy who is different than others and worthy of marriage.

She is tired of guys who only want to use her for one night.

Life is kind of sport. If you get chance to hit the ball into the goal, do it. If you don’t do it, someone else will. Here is the story about Monica. She found Paul,  handsome guy who was crazy about her. She was 30 and when he proposed her, she accepted. One week before the wedding, she prepared a party for girls, and they bring her male stripper. Party was wild and full of drinks, and Monica slept with the stripper, as her last craziness. Unfortunately, that stripper has mobile and recorded her to make video. Also, he was a friend of her future husband. It was his gift, as the last check. When Paul found out, marriage was no option anymore. Monica was crying, but Paul has gone with the wind.

When you turn around, you can see many stories about your ex-lovers. You can meet them with kids and their wives. You can check their Facebook profiles with marriage status. Also, you can see a difference in the way how they treated you and how they treat their spouses. Maybe you feel envy or jealousy, maybe you consider yourself as the victim of the unfair game. Don’t stick too long on this. 

Some women will be undecided, what to do when they got the marriage proposal. Is that end, is that all? My neighbor said so funny thing when she talked about her husband. “I had so handsome boyfriend but he made fool of me. My husband, he is ugly, but I roll him over my finger. “

When a woman thinks to stay in the game or to get out and take wedding ring, she must think about next:

Honor and respect come with marriage.

Disrespect and betrayal come with adventures and flirts.

Stability comes with marriage.

Changes are followers of flirts.

Loyalty comes with marriage. 

Easy going guys are flirty guys.

Of course, marriage is not perfect feature and every marriage can finish with divorce, with cheating or other problems. The point is, if someone loves you so much to propose you, you are special to him. It means he gives you trust, chance, and confidence. When you are part of the flirt, you are never only one. Sweet words, awesome sex, and promises are alluring, but you share this with other women too. The most painful part is when you discover one day that you share your love with your attractive friend. As an ice cream, the flirty guy is available to everyone. Your husband is the rare meal, and he is available only to you. This is your start. Marriage is the good background, basic to build something permanent. You can’t build nothing from flirt, especially if a guy is dating more women. 

Playoff in love is the special story. Only for the best, the one who stayed with you when you did not expect this. Also, it is much easier get back into the searching game, than to find the guy for playoff again. 


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