The day when respect died

From ancient times people were hungry for sensation. Hang man on the square like in western movies, we will go there to see his end. Inquisition time gave special events with  so called witches, everybody should see torching and deaths on bonfire.

Today, death penalty is removed from many legislations, but still people are hungry for blood and death. We have new technology, so you tube can help us too see unusual events. Famous designer Sandra d’ Auriol made suicide, jumped from 15th floor of clinic in Beverly Hills and we can see video about this. She had plastic surgery and after that she behaved strange, she was naked in the moment when she made suicide. There are doubts about side effects of anestetic cure, which she got after her plastic surgery. Her suicide made free showtime for people , even it was terrible tragedy for her husband and family.

What we think when someone made suicide? Shall we judge or feel sorry for that person? Many reaction talk about wondering, curiosity, but who is really sad? Where is respect to dead people?

I remember when my grandfather died. His funeral was in small village, where he was born. He was great man, devoted to his wife and family. His sister in law came with cell phone. This phone was ringing few times during the ceremony. Later she told that she had business calls. It was really undecent, making phone calls during funeral, like she could not find another time for that.

How much we respected person during life, it will be visible on the funeral. If we smile, talk loud or making phone calls, this is disrespect. Also, enjoying in other tragedies is somehow sick. Life can put everyone in the same position and we will not be happy to see others how they make black jokes about our privacy.

When someone get through darkness, others will see the dawn.

This is Croatian quote. Some people will get money from other’s tragedies. Sandra d’ Auriol was rich and famous, she was making jewerlies. Her tragical end will put shadow on her career, but more sad is how will everybody see her end. Free horror movie for audience. It was day when respect died together with her.


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