Wake up your imagination

After 10 -20 years of relation or marriage time will stop. Partners have different priorities and desires than before. Restless mind and heart should be a warning sign, to move on.

It is wrong thinking that we need an update with infidelity because this will ruin our partner’s trust and confidence. If you use that logic, you can leave your partner and marry your mistress, and for few years you will cheat again with another woman. Try to imagine yourself without your beloved wife and husband, and if you feel pain in your heart with just one thought of farewell, the answer is here. You need fantasy and attention, not the change of partner.

In old times women even used magic spells to keep the attention of their husbands. You can try with swinging, but this is a sensitive area and only for really open-minded people. Also, it is always the lottery to involve others in your privacy, because you can finish in the blind alley.


How to make magic in your marriage, without including other people?

This is the photo from the museum in Prague, reminds us of time when women used old tricks to seduce their men:

Maybe to taste some favorite food as aphrodisiacs:

Or, if you feel too safe, make your comfort zone riskier, so go in the journey when the weather forecast is not good, as here when the storm was coming:

Whatever it is, underwear, situation, insecure circumstances or risky journey, something will turn on your senses, and make your relation spicier. 

You miss your hunting days? 

It is time to refill your adrenaline bag. Go to some special place with your partner. Remember song or movie which remind you on your best days. Visit sex shop to buy interesting stuff. 

Maybe you will laugh with your partner because now you are both old fools, but still with the sense for humor.

Seduce your favorite person one more time and you will enjoy.


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