Blind dates


Imagine unknown passenger on the ship. Nobody knows that he is here, and when he is discovered, everybody are surprised. It depends what kind of impression stays after him. He jumped out like stripper from the cake and all have their mouth open, without knowing what to say.

The same thing is with blind dates. You deal with someone because you feel desperate, lonely or you feel like to wait the last train. So, let’s try this trip in unknown area.

When you are sad and unhappy in love, it doesn’t affect only to you. This is problem of your family and friends. They want to cheer you up and in this attempts they can do bear favour to you. 

If your mother will recommend a guy, it can look like this : ” His name is Rick. He is well mannered, from good family, educated and serious guy. He has good job, no scandals, he doesn’t drink and smoke and he is not a playboy.”

Recommendation of your sister and brother can be different. ” He is indeed cool. Playing basketball, computer geek. You can count on him always. He borrowed me money, i still did not return. Btw, if you break up with him, make it on the less painful way. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

People at work will have some ideas how to find Mr. Right for you. 

I heard that Gary is divorced. You know the guy who was working on the project for homeless people? Yes, that guy with glasses. He looks sexy. You can progress at work if you date with him.”

Blind dates are indeed funny. Let’s meet person we never saw before. It was more popular before informatic age. In past, it was no camera, cell phone, and people meet at the corner. How they recognise? Red rose in the hands of lady. Hat on the head of guy. Yes, i will wear brown coat and umbrella. I will have red skirt and high heels. 

So, what when you finally meet with person you did not see before? It could be someone you exchanged messages or letters. He was indeed nice and kind in messages, it was interesting to read all this romantic stories. She was sexy in her sentences about love and relations. Now, what we can see? 

Old man without hair? Fat girl with frog face? 

Problem with blind dates is in our visions. We can imagine something, we have perception , and suddenly something else came out. Wow, what is this? What kind of side effect are here? 

Meeting with two disappointed people. Here is possible conversation when you date with someone you did not see before. 


“I thought that you are taller.” ” I expected guy with more hair.”

” Your voice sounded younger. “

” I am sorry, but you are not what i was expected.”

Also, you can like that handsome stranger, but he could be dissapointed. Then, when your friends and relatives will ask how was at the date, you will tell:

” I am fool. I don’t need your tips and advices never again.”

In some circumstances, maybe you can have click connection with that person. This is like universe, sometimes two stars meet in the same path.

For any sake, it is better that you have photo of person you want to meet. At least you will have draft about someone. 

Love is blind, but people should have glasses.


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