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Be my Valentine

14 February, time to open your heart and let Cupid to hit you with love arrows. Hurry up and buy candies, roses, perfumes and all stuffs which can make your beloved partner happy. Imagine that you don’t buy gift and her friends got bunch of various flowers, how much your darling can be sad.

Someone marked this day as holiday of love. 

Sweetheart’s parade and opportunity for salesmen to earn money on romances. Open radio and you will hear songs as “I will always love you” (Whitney Houston), “Nothing compares 2 U” Sinead O’ Connor, and maybe some death metal band will make naughty sarcastic song about this holiday too.

If you did not see “Romance in Seattle” or “When Harry met Sally” now is a chance to watch this movies. Or you can see “Case of you” with Justin Long, sweet boring movie about guy who wanted to be prince charming made by wishes of his girlfriend.

Girls, prepare for surprise, that you will maybe not find red underwear in malls, because someone grabbed this before for this special day. Guys will run for red roses and chocolates in hope to get something special for this day.

Gary and Martin had this conversation last year.

Why you spent so much money on this perfume and roses?

– Because finally i have chance for sex with my girlfriend.

Red rose is good ticket to other’s bed. Bring bottle of champagne and you wishes can be realized. Also, if you had fight or breakup with your girlfriend, ask Cupid to help you with apologize. Every girl will check her inbox at Facebook to see how much messages she got.

Secret admirers are also welcome, who did not have guts to declare love during year, now is Valentine, and perfect chance to say what is in your heart.

Husband who insulted or slap his wife will also see chance in this holiday, so his wife with black eye can get bed of roses with promises. Next day her other eye can be black too, but why not to enjoy in Valentine?

If your name is Valentin or Valentine, you are the most popular person. You will be living legend and symbol of love.

Seriously, every day should be day for love

Show your love with acts, honesty and devotion. I think about men who have wife and mistress. They are in bad position. Which one will get a gift and when? And how about both? Poor man will spend a lot of money.

If woman has lover, also she should be present on both places, husband and lover. That must be very organized person. All in the sake of love.

Valentine has advantage, maybe free drinks or bonus gifts in markets? Maybe your boss at work will melt with rose in her hands, or you will see witch who did not get nothing from her workers?

Be careful this 24 hours. People show more than they wish. One rose can talk more than words and one candle can bring you message about intentions of your partner.

Relax and close your eyes. If your relation is real and stable, Valentine will not change this. In opposite, don’t blame this day for misunderstandings.


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