How to chill him out?


Seducing is a skill for both genders. What is opposite from seductress is ice princess who is tired of wrong men in her life. She wish to know , how to chill them out and find right one? How to make space for man who can’t see her appearance because of many others who stand on her way?

Now, you have good friend and he suddenly warm up for you. You wish that he stays in friend zone and not to lose him as friend. Such situations are risky, because rejection of love could mean end of contact in general.


Look at some ways how to chill him out:

Don’t encourage him when he wish to touch you on more intimate way.

Don’t accept conversation about sex.

Don’t accept his invitation to be alone in private places.

Don’t share your private secrets with him.

Never use him as shoulder for crying, when man you wish is not interested for you.

Don’t sleep with him just to prove yourself that you are still attractive.

If he sees you in ordinary clothes when he invites you to date with him, this will give him signal you don’t care.

Wrong way for rejection would be : “Listen jerk, get out from my life, you have no single chance with me.”

Right way would be : “I am sorry, you are nice guy but i am not interested for you.”

Sometimes is very hard to be assertive. Man in love could use pressure, to push you into his arms. Some men could be very persistent, even violent in attempt to get you. This will need strong nerves from your side. In extreme form, you will maybe need to stay silent from him until he chills out.

Some signals could be wrongly misunderstood. Nigel said : “I am maybe stupid, but she shown me interest. She was hugging me, smiling with me, sharing her meal with me, and when i invited her to date, she said no. She is my office mate, now i feel as idiot when i need to work with her. “

When woman is in doubt, she might show double signals. She will make a fire and then watering this flame. She is maybe abandoned, insecure, or just vindictive because she had breakup. Step back in this case. If she is in dilemma, she must solve this from within. After all, ladies choose and if you are not chosen more luck next time.

The strange thing about us women is that we change our decisions when something is not available for us anymore. We will see this guy with other woman and he will suddenly be hot target, even we did not noticed him before. We will call guy after he was chasing for us but he suddenly made step back. This is situation where we need to dominate and take a breath. Forbidden fruit is more interesting, as grass is greener on other side, and we must feel that allowed fruit is forbidden to feel desire.


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