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What is glory without scandals?


Human curiosity is hungry for scandals. When we buy newspapers or open network portal, our eyes will catch intricate titles as “Miley Cyrus spit on her fans” or ” Peaches Geldof died at 25″. Like it or not, tragedies or shocking news will capture our attention. If you ask average teenager about news in science area or top list of the most reading books, he will say “Boring!” Who cares about things which are not scandalous and indeed is not cool to know about what is happening in museums or theatres.

Nowadays young Croatian actress Zrinka Cvitešić got award. She is the best musical actress in Great Britain, she is rewarded with “Olivier”. They even compared her with Audrey Hepburn. For those who doesn’t know, Zrinka was winner of show “Dance with stars” and she is multi talented woman. She is actress in theater and in movie, her movies “On the way” and “What is men without mustaches” are familiar even outside in Croatia.

On first sight, Zrinka will not be kind of star to attract huge attention. She is not addicted on drugs, she has no naked photo in “Playboy” and her parents are not famous people. She did not spit on her fans, she did not make striptease and she was not involved with famous playboy. But, people on Croatian forums had comments about her career and called her “slutty girl”. Zrinka had affair with married man , from 2009, and he left wife and children because of her. They split this year. So people wanted to search for weak spot and labelled her as woman who destroys marriage, even she was not alone in that story. Nobody blamed her lover Hrvoje Rupčić because he was the one who left his wife. Publicity has different opinions. Some will support Zrinka, and some will judge her. 

What is important is human jealousy, envy and closed minds. 

So how Zrinka had success, she is one of us, average girl, how this happen to her? Her success is product of hard work. She could also appear in Big Brother or sing awful pop songs as some singers in Croatia, but she choose harder way. She left in Great Britain and there nobody heard for her. She was stranger, but she got her awards, first as the best beginner, than as the best musical actress. 

There is saying that nobody is favorite in their village. As in Croatia, where ex winner of Big Brother Marijana Čvrljak will get bigger popularity than Zrinka, even Marijana had only sex in front of cameras with her lover Nikola, and that was kind of scandal. Marijana was married Croatian woman, and Nikola is young Serbian opera singer. So they rise the dust. Zrinka chose different way to realize her dreams. She is just on the start of big success and with years her popularity will be bigger.

For those who are hungry for scandals Zrinka will not be so favorite person to follow. They will ask for her affairs, they will not watch her movies. But, if you are one of those who look behind the surface, Zrinka is person worthy of attention. 


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