Best friend in your bedroom


She is your best friend. You are as sisters, all secrets and problems you can share with her. Since you played with her on sand as kid or since you smoked first cigarette together, you feel special connection with her.

All is great, and even your boyfriend or husband accepted her. You are happy, because your partner allow that your best friend can visit you and all together you remind on happy family. This is real harmony until the moment you found out that she and your partner have affair.

What can happen with best female friends? Raphael van der Vaart and his wife Sylvie had happy marriage until they split at the beginning of this year. He has new relation with her best friend Sabia now. Even Sabia said that Sylvie is not mad and even Sylvie wished them happiness, that friendship broke.

How we can share husband, even ex, with our best friend, and keep our friendship untouchable?

There is a line we should not cross. Every healthy friendship has a list of forbidden things. Some women share everything, clothes, cars, borrow money to each other, and they justify this as friendship bond. This is emotional blackmail, if you don’t lend me money, what kind of friend you are? If i can’t borrow your shirt, you are not good friend. Even your friend wear your dress and return it to you with blur, it happens, so dress is not so valuable, you can forgive her. Next time she will not do it, this dress will be returned clean and tidy. Your friend copy your style. She has the same haircut, because you are as sisters, she can copy you, you can consider this as compliment. You dumped your boyfriend, she can date with him, why not? 

Best friends are not copy paste couple

They have different lives and special bond together, so some things they can’t share , because feelings are not stuffs. It is very possible that two best friend will have similar taste, that two women will like the same guy, maybe they will compete and maybe guy will like both, because they are similar. Stealing fiance to your friend, make love with her husband and this is friendship? I think this is kind of trap, that friends were never real. These are indeed rivals, this is hunger for attention, for victory, kind of race and the best racer will come first to the aim.

When you have such friend, you don’t need enemy. Stranger will not hurt you, because maybe your enemy is drinking coffee in your house with you . Another part of story is your partner, if he can do this to you, then you have really bad luck or you did not choose right one. Real man would look your friend as member of family, as sister, and even she try to seduce him, he would rejected her even on unpleasant way. 

I really doubt that we can talk about friendship if you see your best friend with someone who was important part of your life. Even you are best mannered girl in this world, this is something hard to swallow. 


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