The charity for five stars

Generosity is a gift if it comes from the heart. Today you feed hungry birds, tomorrow you will buy food for cats. Another day you will give coins to beggars. Do you feel as big humanitarian person?

One of the biggest tools for manipulation is exactly generosity. Some people will act as saints, but indeed their intentions are hidden. Remember big causes at the Philippines, in the time of typhoon tragedy? Kim Kardashian made big humanitarian actions there, and then press wrote that only 10% money is for a humanitarian purpose. The rest, you guess, fly away into her pocket. 

How you will know that person wants to promote himself, and that it doesn’t have any connection with generosity?

Humanitarian actions are free from taxes. Big relief for rich people, because they will save money, and yet, promote themselves.

The rich person will make the photo with poor, ill granny, with invalids and Gypsies, but later, when nobody looks, he will turn his head.

The rich person will notify the press. No, his actions can’t be hidden. The world must know, and paparazzi. One click and smile and you are a mother of all angels.

In the period of elections, politicians will compete who will give money for causes, for children with disabilities, because it all makes points for them. When elections are finished, they will not respond on phone calls and hungry people will wait in front of institutions for days, because promises are broken. 

If you ever visited Milan in Italy, you will be surrounded by African guys who will try to sell you bracelet. If you give them money, they will say, that is for Africa. Don’t get fooled. All right, I also gave 1 euro to protect myself from the group of guys who grabbed my hand in every corner in the street, but their behavior is not human. It is not hard to give some coins for the right purpose, but Duomo square is not pleasant for tourists. Anyone could feel as in some action movie. First, a guy will approach you to wish you happiness and love, and then he and his friends will attack you if you don’t give them money, as they expected. So, you gave few euros? Don’t be skimpy, give them more, otherwise you will regret. 

What I wish to say, it is great to sympathize with others, but for the right aim and with honest intentions. If you wish to give something, nobody could blackmail you, force you or beg you. Why some people will rather give money for cat’s food than for beggars? Because cats don’t beg and force, they will stand by you and go away if you don’t have nothing for them. 

When you see an old politician with a young girl with disabilities, what will you think? Is that advertising, promotion or just simply an expression of the good heart? 

Beware of so-called humanitarian, who will represent themselves as new Mother Theresa. The real benefactor will give money without much noises and promotions. Sometimes, you will not know where is the source. For example, during a flood last year in Croatia, many humanitarian actions made good results. Simply, musicians and DJ’s made parties and price of a ticket was for the purpose, to help people from damaged areas. Flood ruined some areas in Slavonija, some people became homeless, but solidarity was mutual. It was no purpose to yell “I gave money”. It was the simple gift from the heart because once it can happen to me or everyone else. 

Real benefactor never counts what he gave. Charity is not a hotel and deeds are not marked with stars.


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