Stay away from conflict for your own sake

Do you know when is good to stay silent? When is time to shut up not because someone told you this, just because this is better for you. 

If you are professional you will know how to avoid conflict with boss. 

Smile and say yes than leave the office and do it on your way.

Make a blink with your eyes that you understand the point and don’t make further discussion.

Say that you did mistake and that next time will be better. 

Even silence might look as personal defeat, this is very wise skill for victory. This brings good results in personal relationships, in friendships and marriage.

I always thought that my neighbor is not so intelligent when she clap hands on her husband’s actions. He was grumpy, hasty man with harsh voice. Earthquake would be good name for him, because Earth was spinning when he started to yell. She would listen to him with smile on her face, until he finished his speech. Then she would say : “Ok dear, now you will drive me in shopping. ” This man would do this, on my surprise. He had feeling that he is a boss, but indeed he was Samson and she was Delilah. She was sneaky and toady, and he was fair but rough. 

Silence is cuddle for ego. If you listen what other person has to say to you, you give her chance to talk. If you don’t push yourself in first plan, you show to the other person that she is a boss. After person sleeps in her victory, it is your turn to look forward your points. Smart woman will avoid battlefield and after storm passes, she will ask for husband what she needs.

We are not the same and not everyone nerves are strong. This skill is good for calm, phlegmatic characters. If you are hasty and hot tempered, as me, you will have to pretend. This is not easy but sometimes is good to get your score.

For me is the hardest thing to say i am sorry, i apologize, i do wrong. I bite my tongue, squeeze my teeth and swallow all poison. Next time i must get satisfaction on other way because this is not me. 

It helps at work where people are hypocrites. They will say nice things to you and gossip you under back. You will know this and instead to atack them you will smile and say that your boss has good haircut today or that your colleague did great work.

This is like in Alan Ford , when you see cloud over head where is gun and you will imagine how to shot someone in this could, but indeed you will smile and say nice things as part of your strategy.


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