Wrong number – your crush wants your bff


You can tell her all secrets. When you lost innocence, when you got period and when you pretend that you were sick to escape from class. She is guest in your house and your parents like her, you are wearing her blouse , she is your lost sister.

Finally you decided to tell her about your secret love. He is not yours yet, but you are doing everything to be close with him.

Cold shower is next chapter of this story. Guy you love invited your best friend on date. She did not know that you like him too. How could she knew?

That happened to Sandy. She wanted Josh, and two months she made all possible excuses to talk with him. For this purpose she borrowed CD of his favorite music, even she could not stand heavy metal. She will return him this CD of Sepultura, but now she has something his, this is reason to talk with him again. Even psychic tell her that she must have something from her favorite man. This will connect them forever.

Until she was dreaming and interpreting every his word as promise or affection toward her, Joshua had no idea about her feelings.. Sandy was not his type at all. He was simply guy who likes basketball and Sepultura music. He was not reading nothing intellectual, his library was collection of Alan Ford. Sandy was nerd with glasses. She was not ugly, but her eternal wish to discuss about everything made him nervous. He liked her best friend Kate. So he called her for a date. Kate was also simply girl, she played basketball for school team and she had sexy body. 

As every man, he noticed first how she looks. Sandy was not ugly, but shape of his body was not visible under that grunge style. He was not sure it was bag or her skirt. She was freak, that was he thought about her.

Kate saw expression of Sandy’s face. It was not happy, and he could swear that her eyes were wet. Under that glasses were tears, because glasses were misty. She even said that she will not date with Josh, just to save her friendship. But Kate said no, she let her to choose.

It was painful for a month when Sandy realized that Josh and Kate have relation. Later, it was normal for her. She knew that he is not good match . Soon she found suitable boyfriend who was reading Sartre and listened goth music.

It is hard to know that we are not chosen, and even harder when our competition is someone who is close to us. 

Your best friend, your sister. Someone you know will get someone you want. You can’t punish your friend, because it is not her fault. It just happened, sparks crossed between yours two favorite persons. You can accept or sacrifice friendship.

Real winner in love is not the girl who can have anyone she wants. Real winner is girl who can step back when guy doesn’t want her. That is self respect and pride. For sure, it will be attracted by many. Even between them is not the one you wanted at first, take your time.

Don’t let your ego leads you in your choices.


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