Claws of feminism

Recently i visited very useful seminar. The topic was equality of genders. This word “equality” was wrong from the start. Men and women can’t be equal never, because we were built from various DNA. What we should do is to gain mutual respect.

Marilyn Monroe said : “I don’t care if this is men world, as long i can be woman in it.” That is the truth, that we can’t run from one extremity to others, just to prove that women are worthy. When you say about feminism to men, they will see woman with mustaches, lesbian, with legs as Maradona and sharp voice. They will make jokes about this and i can’t say that they don’t have right.

I like to cook dinner for my man, but also i like when he is preparing lunch for me. I don’t have wishes to drive truck or to change tire. I will shave my legs and i will put makeup, but i don’t expect that he will shave his legs or chests for me. Also i have no desires for wrestling with other women who wish to approach to my man. 

We are women and that is what men likes about us, that they can feel as men. This also doesn’t mean that we are slaves or servants to our men. I earn my money and i don’t expect that man will work for me. We will share this money and pay our bills together. I have opinion which is not equal to his opinion, but it doesn’t mean that i need to shut up and stand up when he is in the same room with me. I will not confirm his attitude if i disagree with this. Also i don’t have to yell if he is not agree with me. I like football matches and we don’t have conflicts about TV channels, because soap operas are something what i really hate. Also i will not cry in the moment when Leonardo di Caprio on Titanic is drowning to save life of Kate Winslet. Maybe this is romantic movie, but for me is pathetic, and if someone expect from me to cry as sign of my femininity, that is wrong. As my man doesn’t need to slap desk with his fist to prove that he is real man.

We came out from the cave but we don’t need to copy each other, to change our natural characteristic for the sake of so called equality. The worst rebel is talking bad about men. What will some women do? They will consider men as pigs and swines. As, not so long time ago, men considered women as sheep or cows.

Indeed, man is mirror of his woman. If you complain that your man doesn’t want to wash dishes or to help you with kids, that is your problem. You taught him to stay away from your dishes and from your kids, because you know the best. Or, you really chose man who doesn’t have idea that his role in marriage is not just to bring money or make love with his wife.

Differences between genders are battlefield, and we should not act like soldiers. Don’t fall in claws of feminism because it will be other face of chauvinism. You complain that man abuse you or you are victim of harassment? Don’t do to others what you don’t wish they do to you.


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