Friendly masquerade

Meeting new people is awesome. You learn about various things through different opinions. Friendship is trade of values and special experience. No matter are that friends real or virtual, are they from your city or even out of your country, every friend is new lesson in your life. If you are optimist then you believe that you met friend for a lifetime. If you think different, something  tells you that other person will take an advantage from you. Simply, someone will screw you. 

If you wish to avoid “i told you” opinion, little guideline will help you to recognize person under mask, before he shows real face.

What kind of friendships are the most suspicious?

Friendship at first sight.

When someone calls you “my bestie” after few days of hangout, something is wrong in the air.

Friendship connected with bottle.

These are drinking buddies. If you drink together, it doesn’t mean he is your best buddy. He is someone who will bring beer for party.

Inherited friend.

Someone you know because your father was great friend with his father. They would be happy that their children associate, but it is not always smart idea.

Cashier  friend.

This is someone who needs you to give him money. Every time when he has financial troubles, he calls your number.

Lover in background.

If you are woman, and he is a man, he could use friendship as an excuse. You decide is that good for you.

Business partner.

He is someone who ask business connection. If you are successful or rich, you will have lot of such friends.

Sex hunter.

You are the most successful guy in your team? Girls always seek for you? Other boys also want their piece of cake. They wish to go on parties with you, because you know the best cheeks.

Word friendship is easy as prostitute. People will use it for many purposes, but what is in real background? Make a test. If you always drive your friend at work, tell him that your car need new tires. Tell him to pay for gasoline. If you need money, ask your debtor, so you will see the answer. If you ask for business opportunity, wait until your friend make success. Then ask him to help you in progress. People are surprised when roles are changed. It is great when you catch people for your purposes. Once, when someone needs something from you, when you need to return favor, things are different. 

Real friends will be beside you without questions. In this example, Lara learnt about her friends.

Lara and her cousin Valerie were rivals from childhood. Simply, they could not stand each other. By mistake, Valerie got letter which was made for guy , Lara’s crush. Valerie read this in front of her friends, and they were laughing at content. Lara was ashamed, because this guy was her secret desire. She needed friends in that time, because it was uncomfortable in school, when everyone laughed. So, Lara had three friends, Diane, Andrea and Sarah.  Diane supported her immediately. She even told to Valerie that she is not cousin and that she is disgrace for her family. Andrea was quiet, she did not want to involve. Sarah laughed together with Valeria, she wanted to be with someone who is popular, and Valerie was popular. 

How do you know can you count on your friends? Betrayal is possible for many reasons, because people have price. They will make treason because of popularity, money or love. They will revenge if they think you don’t treat them properly. In this masquerade, you might get surprised by real face under cover. 

Fake friendship has three main characteristics.

It happens suddenly, and it finish suddenly.

This kind of friend seeks revenge after friendship breaks.

Fake friend will gossip you as you never existed. 

Real friend is loyal, honest and patient. Real friend knows that people are made with faults. Someone who truly cares about you will not turn you back on the first sign of trouble. Word which connect friends is togetherness. We are in all this together, because we are friends. 


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