David and Goliath – outsider against champion

We live in the age of democracy, which means equality at first place. Wonderful theory, but hard to practice.

People will always ask for idols, role models and kind of kings, to admire to them. This is like the swing, rebels on one side, and toadies on other side, and this balance is changing accord situation.

Imagine that you are famous , it might open every door and you will use this name to enter anywhere. When O.J. Simpson met his future wife Nicole, she did not know who is he, maybe that impressed him. When you can have everything, you will choose challenge, something what is hard to get.

How can small man be on opposite side, to attack such greatness as someone who is famous? 

This is struggle between David and Goliath. Giant Goliath and shepherd boy David in fight, so who will win? Your odds are not good, but still you can win if you believe in yourself.

The worst thing which can happen at your work is that your boss compare you with someone. For example, you are working for lawyer, and role model will be lawyer’s son  because he raised in rich family. This Goliath can do everything because he is privileged. He carry burden because he is someone with task, born to be a winner. His benefit is his weakness, and you have motivation and aim to knock him down.


In football matches is not rarity that David team will win against Goliath team. Greece was football champion in Euro Championship 2004 even nobody expected this. Their odds were 80:1 and 150:1. They won match against Portugal even all odds were on the side of Portugal and they were favorites.

So, next time when you think you have no chance for job or to win someone’s heart, remember Greece football team, how they succeeded. There is saying, that the strongest opponent is underestimated person. First people will laugh to you, then they will pity for you and after this they will clap how you did it.

It is easy to turn to the crowd, because the same people will celebrate those who were small in their eyes until yesterday. They spit on you in the past, but today they clap their hands to give you honor. 

Hats off  for those who deal with  judgments and raise as winners.


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