Read my diary at own risk

What was your biggest nightmare when you were teenager? You have secrets, privacy and hidden thoughts in notebook called diary, and someone will discover your shelter and read it? That was the biggest fear of teenagers before computers. Today secrets are on blogs and social networks, and fear has another form. Will someone discover your password? Did you give password to other person and he digs into your privacy ?

Former Spice girl Mel B., Scary spice found a way for very strict education of her children. She simply asked her daughters to reveal their passwords from all pages on social networks where they are registered as users. 

Scary mom got in her hands powerful weapon, to dig into inbox and make censor  of all inappropriate messages. Big brother is now big sister and she can rule with her daughters accord her beliefs. Overprotective mother was not so perfect role model because her daughters have different fathers and she was not a saint , but on this way she wants to prevent them from bad guys.

The question is, how much she needs to invade in other private space? Is that kind of approach healthy? 

So this is story about Alison. She raised in very conservative family. Father and mother used every method, even violence to teach their daughter how to behave. One day Alison met Brandon. He was bad guy, who changed girls more often than socks, and he decided to have sex with Alison, despite of stories about her tough parents. He drove her home and they stopped by old house. It was very exciting for Alison so she accepted to go in this abandoned house, to taste an adventure. She had first sex with Brandon. Next morning she started to bleed. She was bleeding too much and her mother called emergency. She had uterine rupture  and she got blood transfusion. Doctors doubted that Brandon use bottle during sex, but Alison did not want to admit nothing. She got help on time and stayed alive, but this trauma affected on her parents. They wondered, what they missed, where they did mistakes? They watched carefully on their daughter, with eye of the falcon, but still the worst happened. 

Teenagers are not stupid creatures. They know all tricks and frauds better than their parents, especially these days. If you use force you can get an opposite effect. If you trust them, they will open their hearts. Even adult person would not like to share password. I have fiance, why should i give him password of my social pages? And why should i ask him the same? I trust him, he trusts me, and if i abuse his trust i will pay for this, as he will too. We based our relation by confidence. 

When you decide to share password with your beloved, you will feel like in cage or under magnifier. That is not all, you can hurt other people. You have friend who said to you all secrets about her in your message box. So, now your husband will read this? Or, your mother will read how your friend lost virginity? That is very unpleasant and somehow kinky.

If you wrote diary, you can remember how you were embarrassed if someone discovered your shelter and read about your first masturbation, first sex or some other experience. If you decided to share that secret with someone, that is different. You give this key, this is not stolen. 

Intruder in your private box is not desirable person. You are under control and with time, this can be abused. Let’s prepare on many question. Who is your friend at Facebook? Why this pretty girl send you photo is swimsuit in your inbox? This guy is dangerous, stranger, who is he?

You can’t save or protect your beloved people in a way that you become spy. I understand, internet is dangerous place, but also if your child have 13, you will explain them not to chat with strangers who can be pedophiles or maniacs. You can notice if your child spend all day in front of computer instead to play outside with others.

If you hold other passwords, soon you can get paranoid feeling. What is this, and who is this and why person do this? 

You can’t sleep anymore, because who knows what else that person wrote to your husband, son, daughter. 

Who opened that Pandora box and what kind of wind is blowing out there? Now you got keys, use it on own risk. 


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