My lost half

People in love use to say that they found their lost half. This is someone who completes you and you share everything with this person. Bad or good, till death separate you. 

If you look into the real meaning of this sentence, your lost half is someone similar to you. There must be something that connected you and this person is your reflection from another side of the mirror. Although couples are two different people, they are connected in one, and that means their parts fit perfectly. Our choice of partner talks a lot about us.

What do guys say?

I like to date with married women. I am their lover and I am not ready for marriage so I enjoy this type of relations.”

“My girlfriend can’t have children. It is ok for me because I don’t like kids and I can’t imagine myself as a father.”

“I love young women, fresh and innocent. Really I like control and to teach them, it makes me feel powerful.”

“I like women with experience. Virgins are not challenges for me, it is easy to manipulate with them.”

Every time when you pick up your lost half, it shows something about you. Your girlfriend has a lot in common with your mother? Do you like a dominant woman? That shows your characteristics or your weakness. Something is missing you, and you will find this in your partner. Together is easier to handle life.


What do girls say?

I like a strong man. I feel I need protection, a leader who will show me the way. So my men are older than me.”

“My choice is a young guy. It makes me younger and desirable.”

“I love smart men. It is indeed sexy, I did not finish college so for me this is cool. If such guy chooses me, it will make me valuable.

Your lost half is your treasure box. Something attracts you to this person. Paola and Damien had that click. She was stubborn, fearless and sometimes rude, and he was insecure and distrustful. Women tried to be nice and kind with him, but he falls in love with a girl who was not sweet as he expected. Simply she is shown to him that life is not a fairy tale and that he must wake up. Her honesty was a better gift than other’s kindness. She pressed this right button.

We will explain to others and to ourselves why we picked just that person. Sometimes, it has no logic. There is saying that love is blind. Why that guy chose this girl, he could find better, more pretty girl, someone with style? That question will ask others, who will be surprised with our choice. Your choice will be different than the vision of your parents and friends. They will advise you about love, but finally, you will choose by yourself. If you stand by your attitude, you will never justify to others why you made this decision and why you get married to this woman. 

She was your lost half.


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