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Social phenomenon : why guys ask for nude photos?


When you meet guy in the club, he will ask you for phone number to invite you for next date, if he is interested. When you meet guy at internet, he has some other options and he could ask you “special” photo. This phenomenon started with appearance of social networks. Some guys discovered new treasure for pleasure, how to get free approach to female bodies.

Someone will tell, they can go on porno sites to see naked bodies and watch videos, but somehow is more interesting to know normal woman and ask her for nude photos.

When this crucial moment come?

You will talk with handsome guy through messages. Day by day, you understand each other, exchange sweet words, he became someone you can’t spend day without. You talk about your life, wishes, plans, slowly he got your confidence. Some guys are really masters, and they will easy build ground for something more spicy.

After some time passed, guy sent you his photo, in panties. Free minded guys will send you his pride, naked penis. And then question : “Do you like it? Send me your pussy. “

Now, mostly women will be shocked, block guy and recover from this. If you are woman with self respect, you will not talk with him anymore. You met him on internet, he is not your boyfriend neither your husband and he took himself too much freedom.

If you tolerate such things, you will warn him, do not do it again. You will give him chance, because he was immature, he took wrong signals and did mistake.

If you accept game, you will go on next stage. Let’s meet real. Can you expect something serious from someone who asked you naked photos in internet?

One girl from Croatia traded her photos with mysterious man. They met in real, and he raped her few times. Later, police found that he was convicted before. That mysterious man was indeed real criminal.

The point of this story is not preaching about morality. We all have free choices and views about what to do with our bodies, photos and we are responsible for our acts. The point is to pay attention.

Sometimes, women will think that guy is really interested and that they share something special. If you are woman in certain ages, lonely, on abstinence, this will be your temptation. What kind of damage guy can do, is object of imagination.

He might gossip you in front of others.

He might share and forward your photos to others.

He might mock you, that you look fat, old or ugly.

He might blackmail you, to send your photos to someone who is dear to you.

Losing respect, honor and dignity is something what nobody should pass. Now, this is situation when you got label. Suddenly, everyone could laugh to you, because they got material. People who thought you are perfect will be disappointed. Your beloved people will be shocked, and your enemies will be thrilled. Wow, finally someone shown that bitch where is her place. She got what she deserved.

This is very sensitive area if you are woman. Guys will always have advantage. When man sent dick photo, few will smile,  others will forget this because that is boring. Some people will say what a fool and this will be all. If woman send naked photos, she will be considered as easy, cheap and not worthy of respect. Her friends will turn her back and her enemies will celebrate.

It also depends of image you build in publicity. If you based your career on erotic photos, this is normal for you. Well, if you are business woman, someone who goes to church, family woman and indeed good girl, you are fucked up. This will make you as pretender, because you lived double life. Nobody knew your other face, now everyone will know this.




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