Hamburger made in Croatia

Have you ever been tourist in Lake Plitivice? That is beautiful place in Croatia which i visited three times. Croatian pearl of nature is full of waterfalls and green – blue water looks as in fairy tale. Also you can breath fresh air with full lungs. Lake Plitivice is favorite destination of Asian tourists, who will not mind to enter into not so comfortable bus, just to see this miracle.

These days one man got hungry and ordered hamburger. He got meat between two slice of bread, with salad and tomato. He was bitter because it cost about 4 euro, and that photo appeared on social network, as warning for Croatian tourism. People say that is disgrace, how tourists are robbed by this price.

Yes, hamburger should have rolls, ketchup and bigger piece of meat, but that is not the point. If anyone think that you will pass cheaper in other countries, that is a lie. Just, touristic agency from other countries will not apologize, people will not make scandal as here in Croatia. Why should we apologize because someone spend 4 euro on hamburger? During my journey in Vienna, i bought bag for 4 euros, because salesman offered me ecologic bag, not ordinary. I ordered cappuccino for 4 euros. When i was in Gardaland, Italy, i was drinking small beer for 4 euros and eating small slice of pizza for the same money. Their touristic offer is expensive, but people don’t cry on social networks. 

Also, did Mc’ Donalds make apologies for their food, even every day we see horrible stories what is inside hamburgers and chicken nuggets? Tragedy is not in this hamburger, tragedy is in lack of courage and creativity. Why you can’t introduce this hamburger as domestic food, made in fresh air, not in industrial centers from where tourists came? Also, if you go on the trip, will you go to eat hamburger or to see nature wealth? 

If you are hungry, you will take a sandwich with you, or buy anything to eat, without expectations that you will not spend some money. It is not the same when you eat hamburger in coffee bar next to your house or when you eat this in some touristic area. How much you spent on coffee near sea? The most cheapest trip is near television at home. Take your remote control and watch “National geographic. ” Then make your own hamburger accord your taste.

Caterers are in panic because this hamburger looks like a joke. Good entrepreneur would take an advantage from this photo, to make joke or good marketing. Successful businessman will turn shit into gold, and others will pay from this. Poor minds will apologize and make shit from gold. Attack is the best defense, so why not to find this unsatisfied customer and send him box of hamburgers, not to get hungry next time. 


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