How we change our preferences in relations?


Women will ask for Mr. Wright, and men will try to be the right ones. That is circle of love, everyone is asking for soulmate. In their attempts men will make some mistakes, try to be something what they are not. 

First initiation come in the prom, when guys start to drink and smoke, all because they want to grow up in one night .

How to be real man and skip all that obstacles?

Women are more mature and step forward from men in teenage period. 

That is why guys want to impress girls, to show them that they are worthy.

As we grow up, our wishes have updates, they are changing with time. Experience taught us that our best choices were indeed failures and that someone who broke your heart wasn’t for you anyway.

What little girl wants? 

In period from 16- 24, girls want bad guys, macho men, wild rebel as James Dean. He is the one who beat all bad guys in the street, drive fast motorbike and runaway from classroom.


His characteristic should be:

guy who  owes big motorcycle or fast car

– he is fighter and he beats all men in his street

– he is drinking and smoking

– he is flirting with many girls, but you think you are the only in his heart

– he swears a lot and don’t care about the system

From 25- 35 preferences are changed. Rebel guys became history, girls can’t stand guy who has no money and who is unemployed , so they will turn them back. They want to feel more safe, to gain respect and loyalty and to give chance to someone who will get them seriously.

Here comes the gentleman.

he will give you shoulder to cry

– he will open you door and bring your bags in shopping

– he has decent job and good salary

– he is elegant man and you will represent him to your parents

After some years, when woman raise family and children, when she is employed and work experiences is behind her, she feels she is settled down. She needs new excitements to feel that she is still young in her soul. Some women will be divorced, others will find lovers and some will simply try to change their husbands, in the way how they want to be.

Businessman comes to the stage when you are in 36-50.

he has enough money to pay bills and to handle financial situation together with you

– you can travel the world with him

– children are adult, so now is the time that you go on the sea , in some villa or apartment with your beloved partner, to enjoy in life

Life has circles and every circle has particular partner. 

What we wanted as kids is not appropriate now, maybe we will laugh to ourselves because we were naive and we lived in dreams. Especially if we get burn in our past. This is just an experience, and that is why guys ask :”What women want?” The right question would be: “When women want some things and how to change accord their wishes?”

Guy who had no luck with girls in his youth, can be real lucky man when he will be older. Yesterday dork, today businessman, and all doors will be opened to him. It is just a matter of time. Remember guy with big glasses who was subject of mocking and bullying? Today he owes his firm, he has successful business and he is bachelor of the year. 


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