Attitude on high heels


How many times i heard word about me : “You are bossy. ” This sentence came from people who don’t make difference between someone who give orders and someone who has attitude. Control freaks are people who want to have nose in everything and watch every step to check their partners. Bossy woman is the one who hold every corner in her house and doesn’t let husband to give another, different opinion.

When someone is superficial and like to jump with conclusion, it doesn’t make difference. Corny men love to make excuses that some woman is nasty if she fights for her place under the sun.

As woman with attitude, i don’t let certain things.

Man who yells on me and insult me is not welcome.

Man who swears and try to humiliate me is also not welcome.

Man who look at me as sex object is under my standards.

Man who mocks me and try to make fool of me is also out of my standards.

I love to make golden middle between cuckold and macho man, so my type is gentleman with attitude. This is kind of man who let compromises  but who doesn’t want that women use his good intention to make cuckold from him. He has his limits and his principles.

I noticed one interesting thing when i talked with some men with traditional values. They will complain about feminism but when woman offers him to drive them, to pay bill or to invite them in her flat to spend night, they will have nothing against. Suddenly, independent woman is not obstacle anymore, because she has car, flat and money and they don’t need to take effort to care for her. She can do all alone. She can even come to visit him in another country, because she is strong woman without fear  and able for adventures.

Real bossy woman is not someone who could be my role model, because rough dominant wife often finish with kind of cuckold and later ask for lovers.

Bossy woman is the one who is always right.

She make decisions in her marriage without asking her husband.

She decide about children without asking approval of her husband.

She underestimate her coworkers, colleagues and subordinated people at work.

She is the one whose word is the last word.

When someone tells you that you are bossy, it makes you wonder how much this person is educated. That person see only black and white side of this story. This kind of man is maybe raised in family where mother was silent, and father abused her. Maybe his mother wanted to educate herself, and father forbid her because her duty was to care for children. When man start to compare you with his mother who was totally different, you need to prepare him for changes. Some men will even accept your attitude, but then they will mark you as mistress.  Such guy will say :”Well, your attitude is indeed sexy, but i don’t like that woman take first step and fight with me. It could be great for sex, but not for marriage. “

Is that surprise when traditional man, who find traditional wife suddenly gets bored and find wild mistress? He wants to have all, but paddle has two ends and that is why he start to sit on two chairs.

Real, mature man will accept woman who is able to be herself at first, not to be shaped accord his priorities. He will not judge her by her past, he will not accept to be her toy, but also he will listen her wishes and try to make deal. Mutual respect will erase differences, as mutual loyalty will unite two different attitudes.





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