Magic spell for your lover

When we love someone, we are able to do everything for that person. If usual ways don’t help, we will pray God or high forces to help us.

Also, we are ready to try some unusual ways.

There is no easier target for any kind of manipulation than person in love. That person is able to believe in anything, just to realize her wishes, even to make fool of herself. Old superstitions are good way to deceive those who lost their love or who are still alone. Tarot masters, magicians and psychic will tell you many trick how to attract love or make your ex to fall in love in you again.


How to find perfect match and how to return ex partner with a help of some spells?

Some tricks if you wish to have your beloved in your arms:

1. peel apple and eat apple before you sleep. You will dream future husband, if you dream unknown person you will meet him

2. throw rose petals in the river, in the time of full moon

3. take pieces of hair of your beloved, make heart from paper and make a wish

4.  take a cup of coffee and hairs from your vagina, let coffee be strong and make your desired man to drink (unbelievable, but i saw in one movie that trick), and when you get period, man will be yours

5. before Valentine day put pieces of paper with few names under your pillow, in the morning take one paper randomly, and name on this paper is name of your future husband

When pretty woman found ugly man, in old times in Croatia people believed that he visited magician to put a spell on her. 

Even love is kind of magic. How to explain why you love just that person and nobody else?

As long on this world are lonely and naive people , others will use this weakness for their purposes. Anyway who wish to have fun this is good experiment to try. Valentine’s day is opportunity to try some magic in hope to find your perfect match.


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