When a woman abuses a man?


Women are known as gentle, fragile creatures and this soft perception about us is a kind of standard. If you talk too much, cry on romantic movies, if you spend hours in the shopping, simply you are a woman.

In relation, the woman represents gentle side. If a man beats his woman, he is violent and woman can report him for abusing.  Law will protect women and female groups will brag about maniacs.

What happens if the woman beats his partner? Mostly, men will be ashamed of that fact. Come on, woman beats me, she hit me with the fist, she slaps me? That is not a woman, she is a beast. Should rules change and in this case, man must treat the woman as strong gender, not as the fragile flower?

If your woman is as princess Xena, things are not so funny. Megan Welter is a former soldier. She thought that her boyfriend is cheating her, so she decided to punish him on the old-fashioned way, with fists. What is more interesting, she called an operator and told him that her boyfriend is a professional fighter and that he beat her. She made herself as the victim and used stereotypes about soft ladies.

Stereotypes protect us when we are in such kind of troubles. 
It is easier to believe women tears than to injured man. Women are not violent by their nature. The woman can pretend that she is raped and to prove this, she will rip her clothes as she is attacked. Naive people will think that really happened. “Omg, who can do this to such soft lady? Some maniacs. ” Few tears, innocent and sad eyes and nobody will blame babyface for the crime. She was abused, bullied by violent men because only men can do this – that are prejudices about violence.


These stereotypes have roots in fairy tales. 

Princess was a gentle woman with golden hair, and the prince was a hero. He would smash heads of other men to protect his lady. She was not soldier or wrestler. This is so masculine, how can woman fight?

Sometimes, roles are changed. Safehouse is not the only shelter for attacking women who are victims of family violence. Some men also need shelter from their women, in a case that they fall in love with soldier lady.


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