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Make a wish

Catch your golden fish, she can make your wishes true. What do you wish the most? Love, success or money? Or, you just want to be happy and healthy?

Everyone has wishes and desires. We make list before New year. When we have birthday, we can make cake and blow in candles. Imagine your wish, maybe it will be realized. Eat in Chinese restaurant and open Chinese cookies. There you will get note with something like this: “Your opportunity is in the front of you.” Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas will make your wishes true. Just look under your Christmas tree. Or, put your boots on the window, in the morning you will have candies in them. If you were naughty, Bogyman will take away your gifts.

What is the truth if you want to make your dreams real? Realization of your wishes is just hard work and depends on you. Lazy and indifferent people will never make their dreams true, or they will give up on the half way.

What is winning combination to realize your wishes?

Resistance. You must be firm in your decision, don’t fall on first failure, go forward and continue with your efforts.

Patience. Wait for your time, be calm and take a breath. Your dreams will not became true over night.

Stability. You must know what you want and you need to have a plan. If you can see in front of your eyes what you want, it will be easier to make this real.

Stand firmly on the ground. Don’t fly in illusions. Make your expectations accord your reality. You may have no possibilities to be Hollywood star, but you can be actor in local theater. 

Strong will. Don’t give up on the half way. Don’t let to bad circumstances to make mess in your plan. 

Take a risk. Enter into mind of the gambler. Gamblers are people who knows to risk. Step over your safe zone. If you need job which is far from your city, travel.

Invest and sacrifice. When you start with business, you need investment. Give something to get something. Sacrifice sounds painful, but sometimes you need to take decision, to give up from other things, for the sake of something you want more.

Now you can imagine yourself, on your birthday, with closed eyes. 

Your friends are around you, and you blow on candles, you have that cloud around your head, with your biggest wish. What is in the cloud? Big bag with money? Exotic destination for journey? Beautiful girl or handsome guy? You hold the power and your magic stick. No, nobody will knock at your door to offer you something for a granted. You must work and earn for this. Even if you get lucky , still you don’t need to relax, that life will open you door of happiness always. 

Life gifts are bonus, we get this as rewards. Everything else is hard work.


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