Key of harmonic relation is clear mind, pure heart  and strong character. If we are free from inhibitions, half way is done. We don’t doubt in ourselves, there is nothing to shame about if our wishes are not in harmony with others and wishes of society.

No matter do you wish to show your naked body in magazine or suggest hot night to guy, or if you just want to show legs in short skirt, first step is to be free of invisible chains. Whatever is blocking you inside, face it with this and show what you want.

Some people have problems with inhibitions, which are serious limits to relax in any kind of relations.

What type of people are in this risky group?

Shy people. They feel unpleasant in crowd, they are blushing and their voice tremble. Sometimes they can’t breath . Also they will repeat some words, as they want to lean on something during speech.

Introvert people. They feel better in corner, with book in their hands. Their privacy is closed and they are untrustful. Their internal world is locked.

People devoted to tradition or religion on extreme ways. Some people will feel guilt if you suggest anything provocative, against their tradition or religion, what is opposite to their  rules.

People with complexes. No matter if they have bitter experience, bad opinion about their physical look or their abilities, seed of inhibition is inside of them.

Inhibitions are not something to shame about or subject of jokes. If you laugh to person who has such problems, you are idiot.

What if you fall in love in person with inhibitions?


These are steps.

Open this box carefully, don’t push and don’t force. Show him that your world without chains is beautiful.

Go slow. If your girlfriend is still virgin, don’t rush with sex. Show your romantic side first.

Show your weakness. Don’t act superior toward shy person. You are also human. Tell this person when you slip on ice and fall. Tell how you spill coffee in restaurant. Also you are not perfect.

Give them compliments. You must feed their self respect. Make them stronger, wake up their self-confidence.

The worst thing you can do when you have friend or lover with complexes, is to make laugh or give them pills or alcohol. Remember movie “Carrie.” Girl got period and she had no idea what is this. Until she was bleeding under shower, other girls hit her with tampons. It was scary scene and expression of human cruelty.

Person with inhibitions is not experimental rabbit or someone unworthy. When someone is hiding secret, that is somehow charming. You wish to know what is bothering him and it will wake up your curiosity. When you love such person, use patience and tenderness.

Everyone of us faced with such kind of obstacle. You had inhibition, your sister or friend also had this problem. This is temporary, so don’t make problem harder. If someone is sinking, give him hand , don’t push him deeper to get drown.


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