Are you able to look forward?


Every important decision is result of few steps. Thinking, acting and elimination of another options. When you bring decision, you gave up from other solution which was not necessary bad, but you simply chose your path.

The question i ask myself is next : “How good i am in calculation? Am i able to look forward, to predict my results?”

I am not psychic, also i am very emotional and hasty sometimes, my ways are spontaneous, but i like to lean on my intuition and my experience. My experiences are indeed my filters, and i use this to compare previous situations with my present problem , because it helps me to bring the best solution.

In business, friendship and love we must lean on some signs, which shows us that something will not finish good.


These are factors which show that we are not on good way:

Another side is passive, we are the only who try to progress.

Another side doesn’t want to give up from bad habits.

Another side is not ready for change .

When my husband asked me: “How did you know that will happen?”, i said that i simply knew because of previous experiences. It was person X who had boyfriend and i predict that they will break up. All was leading to this. He was ignorant, selfish and passive. She was running for him and give him too much chances. He had no reason to fight for their relation, because she was always there for him.

I was not always like this. Situations in past were fatal for me. I remember the end, how some people hurt me. From then, i blow on cold. I smell betrayal, distrust and lack of confidence . Someone would tell, don’t you take a risk? Yes, i take a risk, but i don’t give too much time and chances for person who did not impressed me at first sight.

If you are step forward, this is big advantage toward your rivals. You can pretend and play a fool, other side will sleep and you will just wait to use high kick into ass. That is lion strategy, he pretends that he sleeps but when trophy is here, he is ready to grab chance.



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