How to recognize a virtual stalker?

Internet should be a place for gathering people in a way that they respect each other, exchange ideas and not disturb. Unfortunately, the progress of technology made all lunatic of this world to came out, as worms after a rain.

I believe that many people faced it with kind of maniacs and stalkers in different ways and that it was an unpleasant experience. I know persons who deleted profiles and never appear on social networks again because of this kind of trauma. Also, there is the possibility of hacking which is more harmful.  Not all social networks are safe, some are made for earnings, not to protect their members. Despite rules, the wise stalker will always find a way to enter and annoy particular target.

At least, we must protect ourselves from intruders. 

There is a pattern, as an alarm, how to recognize virtual stalker.

The same minute you add a person, he/she wants to talk privately with you.


That person likes all your photos and posts, immediately apparent in every corner of your page.


When you are busy, stalker asks what happened why you are not here.


If you try to explain that you are not available or not in the mood for a chat, the person says that you are rude or pretentious.


When you try to break the connection, stalker starts to threat or blackmail.


The person trying to contact you with another fake page if you delete him/her.

In the past, lunatic and stalkers were in mental hospitals, nowadays they use the internet to approach. That is why we all must use logic and common sense, to avoid that kind of associating. If the stalker is already on our pages, we must get out from that connection with all possible buttons and tools. 


Indeed, next step could be meeting alive, and their options delete and block cannot help. You will stand face to face with freak or maniac.


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