In the name of the tradition


Passion is a wild connection between two people who like each other. This is something hard to control and we can’t explain why we like a particular person so much. A glimpse of his eye, the way how she is smiling, her lips, his hands, sexy voice, and sparks are in the air. Passion doesn’t know for time and place, and when libido run over limits, we can ask for only one question:”Where?”

If you are flexible and not so picky, open air will be one of the options for making love. In the summertime, every river, lake, meadow or forest are good places for sex. Take a blanket if you want to be in the forest because insects and rocks will be your big obstacle. Spray against mosquitoes is also very welcome and you can go on your hot adventure.


Except for insects, unknown visitors and chance to be ashamed, you can also meet policeman. The Law of order in Croatia has money penalization for sex on open air, so accord new updates you will pay 700 euro for your pleasure. It is absurd that you will pay more for sex in a public place, than if you slap a woman. If you slap woman and she report you, money penalty will be about 300 euro. It sounds ridiculous that abusing a woman is smaller criminal act than sex at the public place. Obviously, moral is more important than woman dignity. What can make woman humiliated, a situation where she is in flagrant with her lover, for example in the beach, in hot summer night after night swimming, when both decide to make love? Or, the situation when guy slap his woman in front of the people? Because she deserved, as would small minded people say?


The public order is not just censured by naked bodies or forbidden sex on the beach.


This is just a superficial way to protect traditional values. Just, here is something forgotten. Many women in Croatia are abused, accord statistic every third woman, but nobody got an idea to collect signatures for a referendum. Speaking of this, recently 65.87 % Croatian people in the referendum voted for marriage as a community just for man and woman, because some people were in a panic of gay or lesbian love. One more time traditional values were attacked, because of sacred marriage. People forgot, what kind of marriage is a community where husband beats his wife? The main thing was, the traditional framework must be saved.

Sometimes, public order is as shit wrapped in golden paper. You are impressed with shiny envelope, and when you open it still stinks. 


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