Karma and stolen love

There is a quote :”If you find money, give it back to owner, because that money will not bring you luck. “

The same is with people, if you steal partner who is already taken, you will have bad luck. You will ask, how can someone steal partner?

It is possible to use problems in other relation as chance to make a mess. This is old story from my childhood.

Ivana and Slaven loved each other, but they were so young. When they started, Ivana was only 14, and Slaven was 23. He was man from village and his parents wanted to see him in marriage. They were not fascinated with Ivana, because she was girl from city and they wanted someone who will work on the field, with animals , someone who will fit into hard life in their village. 

This couple was really crazy for each other, but they had so much problems. He went to the army, she was waiting him , they wrote bunch of letters, and suddenly he back home. When he got back, he was different person. He said to her that their relation is over because he needs to get marry, and she is not suitable partner for marriage because she is too young. She was 18 then, and he was 27. She was desperate, but Slaven decided and soon his parents were satisfied, because he found another woman. Eva was girl from village with strong body accord their standards. Her breasts and hips were made to gave a birth, they already saw at least three children in their family. 

So, Slaven became married man very soon.

But it was the time of war in Croatia. He went to war and he again back home, to celebrate victory. That day was special, because of procession in the city. Bunch of people had guns, they were shooting in the air. Unfortunately, one lost bullet hit Slaven straight into his head. He was badly hurted, they call emergency, but after 24 hours doctor said that his brain will be damaged whole life. So the rest of his life Slaven lived as plant. His wife visited him, but he did not know who is there and who is she . He died after few months.

People at the city talked about unhappy Ivana, about lost bullet and bad coincidence. Slaven broke this relation suddenly and it came back to him like curse. People said that God get mad on him, old women said that Ivana put a spell because she lost his love. 

Believe or not, when you enter into something what is not yours, not finished, you can count on much troubles. Not just because of some high forces, you can be in shadow because of ex wife, ex husband and your love story can have a tail. Someone who drag past into present relations is not a good match. 

Maybe high forces really got angry on him, but at the end all actors of this story were unhappy. 

Stolen is cursed by this characteristics:

You never know when will past haunt you.

Abandoned persons are vindictive.

When you get something with force and hold it too tight, it will crack.

Tails of past love stories might cause problems.

Stolen relations are shadows, and you can’t get rid of shadows. It will follow you everywhere.


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