What would you ask from golden fish?


Imagine that you catch golden fish and she gave you choice between two wishes. You can choose only one to become true, and both are so attractive and desirable.

That happened to teenager girl from Texas. Rhiannon Conneley is captain of female soccer team, and she won in competition for the best photo in Neymar’s football dress. 16 years old Rhiannon had choice, to get cheque on 10.000 dollars or to meet with Neymar. She choose to meet with her football idol Neymar Junior, and she said in joke that she would like to marry for him. 

Wishes and priorities are changing as we grow up, so we will not desire the same things in youth and in maturity.  If someone asked me what would i choose, i would choose money. Rainbow of possibilities is more wide in this case, with this money you can go at football match and watch Barcelona.

When we are very young, world looks different. We don’t see cruel reality and we dream about our idols, we wish to reach them, or to be like them. What teenagers forget, that idols are nothing without audience, and also they are bloody under skin. What would be on this meeting in Spain? This is just one more obligation for Neymar and i believe that he will not jump from joy. He is tired from newspaper, press and paparazzi, he has bunch of sponsors behind him and he will do it professional , with smile , because that people expects from him. Probably, it will be very short meeting, with phrases as “you are new soccer star and future is forward you”. Then paparazzi will take shots and Neymar and girl will be in daily news. Maybe they could do something as football demonstration, as girl is goalkeeper, Neymar will hit the score. 

It would not be surprise that girl will expect more, and that this event will be disappointment. For sure, if you ask Neymar, he would rather sleep or be with his girlfriend or play football than to fake smile and happiness with some teenager. It is understandable, that he also wish some privacy and peace , but he is tied by contracts and his obligations are expanded , so he is not just in football or soccer area, as Americans say. He must be role model, polite, decent, stable and ready to answer on any question, even unpleasant. He would rather do something more spontaneously, which is not forced by others. 

Wishes are strange thing. It doesn’t only matters do we get what we want. It is important on which way this wish became true. If we force or beg someone, we can get our score. If we have no other choice, we will accept to fill wishes of others. Also , in the worst case, blackmail is also way to realize our wishes. That is equation, and when we solve this equation, result is here, just ways are different. 

Did you ever get something and you are still empty or disappointed? It is as food, you are eating but still hunger does not stop. Now you have different insight. Your golden fish is in fact Trojan horse. 

For sure, teenage girl will have some benefits from that meeting and she will not be unknown anymore. But, Neymar is not magician to make her life different with his magic stick. The final decision is up to reality.  That is why teenage dream is only story with deadline.


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