You are what you represent

Beautiful face opens many doors which are closed to average people. If you are pretty and if you know to represent your beauty, this door will stay open for you always. We can talk about injustice, but beauty will capture our eyes on the first sight and even it can deceive us, we will still admire the good shape of body, pretty eyes and sexy lips.

When we represent our country to the world, we can talk about the beauty of nature, historical tradition and one of the cleanest sea, Adriatic sea. Imagine that you are in the seminar and you want to know more about Croatia. Would you listen more carefully that it comes from the mouth of a pretty woman?

Now take a look this picture. This is ex-minister of planning in Croatia. 

So, you are invited to a seminar about investment in Croatia, would you be interested in something that she is talking about?

On next photo is ex Italian minister, even from the background, she will capture attention. For sure, her audience would be much bigger, even you are not interested in the topic she is talking about, you will visit such seminar because her image captured your eyes. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that politicians should be models or actors.

On another hand, it is not enough to have education, knowledge or experience. What you represent to publicity, in your country, and especially outside of your country, is the promotion of values. The first impression is very important. So if you visit embassy and if there is an old fatty granny in a dress which was popular during the war, what would you think? Let me guess your opinion.  “Oh, it must be a savage country with primitive people. I am afraid that wolf can catch me in those forests or there is no water. Maybe there are monsters too?”

When World Cup in Brasil started, on the opening was Jennifer Lopez with Claudia Lette and Pitbull. They did not hire Jennifer Lopez because she sings as Maria Callas. She was there for promotion of big event because she is popular and she looks amazing. Also, ask an audience, would they rather see Susan Boyle or Adele in this opening? We can talk about the world as a superficial place, but when is the time that we promote our tourism, historical values or to get a better rating on the world, we should lean on our eyes. 

You can laugh or cry or think about why is like that. Beauty is not forever, but ugliness bites until the bones.


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