Female rivalry

It is great to have friend and share all secrets, troubles and joy with this person. Such friend is indeed right hand and you will never feel alone. If you are lucky to have few friends of the same gender, you got the most wonderful treasure.

Female friendships are really fragile gifts, as crystal glasses. Be careful how to hold that glass. If you hold too tight, glass will break. If you don’t hold careful, glass will slip out from your hands. And you can cut on that pieces.

How to recognize real from fake friend? Who is lady friend, and who is wolf friend, ready to tear you?


Some signs of a lady:


– she will ask you first how are you, and what is new, and then talk about herself

– she will help you when you have problems, without excuses, if she is busy she will help you when she will be available

– there is no guy who can stand between real female friends

– she will not date with your ex, with guy who is in your heart even if that guy doesn’t want you, also she will not associate with people who hurt you

– she will be happy for your success in work and in love, and she will not compete with you

When is clear that your best friend is wolf?

she talks only about herself, about guys who are stalking her, about her new shoes, and people who are envious to her

– she is with you all the time when you are in company with handsome guys, she wants to capture their attention

– she will date with your ex without telling you, she will try to seduce even your boyfriend

– she will be busy every time you need her, she has much more important things in her life

– she will be jealous and envious if your life is more successful and happier than hers

Friend wolf is indeed rival. It is better to have open enemy, than rival friend. She wants all what you have, even more. She is not here to make your life easier, she will make your life bitter. Because, she thinks that she is better, and she needs audience and slaves, not friends.

So take a look on your friends, do you see wolves between them?


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