Why couples should hold hands?


Walking on the street with your partner and you don’t hold his hand. Some people will consider you as couple in the moment when they see you are holding hands. If he let your hands free, he is not interested. If you do this, you are not interested enough. That would be superficial conclusion about your privacy and intimacy.

When i see couple hold hands together i will not assume everything about them. They could make impression about passionate love , but in private could be very opposite. Holding hands is gesture, kind of formality but not necessary sign that someone loves you or cherish you so much.

I don’t hold hands with my husband on the street. If we stuck in crowd he will grab my hand not to lose me from sight. Meanwhile, our hands are free. Sometimes we made jokes about couples who are going slowly, hand by hand or if they walk on the street hugged as Siam’s twins. Isn’t that clumsy?

What this gesture should mean?

He is mine.

He will never leave me.

Let all know that he is only mine.

Now everyone will see that i am taken. Even my competition.

Recently group of psychologist considered Melania Trump as unloved wife because Donald remove her hand. That is absolutely ridiculous. Touch is spontaneous thing, private, intimate and why should we remind people in every moment that we are couple. Some couples act as they wish to scream : “He is mine. Don’t you see that he holds my hand?”

The most funny scene happens when guy hold gently his girl on hand, when he is kissing her in public, and then his eye stuck on some butt. He is looking around while holding his girl for hand. That kind of guys wish to say : “So, you got what you wanted, and now let me look what else is on the market, because i am not dead yet. “

What connect couple is not forced intimacy which is expected from others. Common jokes are more useful than that. My hands are free, but my heart is taken. Me, as independent person don’t have to prove anything. If old neighbor stare from window and say : “Oh, but you don’t hold your hands together!” , that is not important to me. I don’t hold my partner for publicity, i do it for us.


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