Decorate with someone’s else feathers

Someone took credits for your favors. This situation might happen to everyone in professional and private area. People in lack of originality use other’s ideas and represent it as theirs. You might see it at social networks, when someone stole your status and his friends claps their hands, without knowing that it is not original idea. Or, you bought excellent shoes and dress, next day you see your friend who copy your clothing style and brags that she is creator of this outfit.

Why people steal other’s ideas?


It is easy to take something what is confirmed as good or excellent. You will avoid criticism and judging.


Someone is impressed but you and wish to be similar or equal to you.

Desire for attention.

All attempts to get attention failed, and now person will copy someone else, to get credits.

I had experience with stealing ideas in high school. Person represented my homework as hers, by stealing my notebook. It was desperate attempt, because teacher knew that person could not write this essay. So, before you took credits for other’s work, be sure are people so naive that you can misguide them.

Sometimes, you can’t prove author’s right. Imagine you have excellent business idea, and your powerful boss steal this. People will say : “If you are so good, why you are not boss?” I can image and describe this feeling when you know someone else is living your story. You dedicate your soul to your aim, and someone else was faster, nasty and played against rules of morality.

Sometimes, copy paste will be introduced without shame, as remix of some old songs, thousand version Marilyn Monroe’s style or movie remake. Funny situation happened when Kim Kardashian copied Serbian folk singer Jelena Karleuša and declared admiration for her outfit. If you admit that you copy someone, half is forgiven to you.

When you are impressed by someone’s style or look, at least say that you took this. Original version by John Doe, not by you. Share status not as yours , share it with author’s signature. Hiding, copying, representing yourself through life of others is lame. In fact, on this way you admit that you are worthless, because you were not able to create something yours.

Decorate with someone else’s feathers is situation when fat girl try to walk in high heels but she is too clumsy to walk elegant. She slips and fail. Everyone laughs and she regrets because she did not chose something more comfortable or suitable for her. That is the point, Marilyn was fabulous with dress which played in the wind or her blonde hair and red lipstick, but you might look as circus elephant. 


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