Judgmental society- how we categorize people?

Society likes marks, because it is easier to categorize people. When we ask for our identity, society offers us a label. For example: “old maid”, “reactive woman” or “divorcee”. Mistress, whore, slut, all that beautiful names for single woman who is not married and did not gave birth.

Moral majority will offer us inappropriate label, we will get explanation and warning, also maybe notes and deadlines how to fix our situation.


You should have children until 30. You should marry until 25. What, you are not married yet?”

“You have no reason to live if you have no children. “

“There is good opportunity for you to become my mistress.”

“You must be lesbian because you did not marry yet.”

Superficial people will never ask why woman is not married. They are not interested for a reason, they just see facts and make own ideas. 

There are lot of stories in background about someone’s status. Some people are playing on all or nothing. They made vision of life how it should be, and if their realization don’t fit to their wishes, they chose to be single.

Wow, why should i marry for old fart Steve, just because i am not young anymore?

I wanted to marry for Peter, but Peter did not want me, so should i hang myself?


There is a beauty of freedom of choice. Better to jump from the window, than let others to be rolled on scales – that was famous Balzac’s quote . Old society in Paris even understood other choices, but  some people nowadays will rather use mockery.

Some women are different. Women who are not married and mothers, in long relations without paper or single, are on the list for mockery label. Some society’s circles will not accept them as dignified members, because it doesn’t fit to their standards.


On other hand, who says that every marriage is perfect? Labels should be given to wives who stay in marriage even their husbands cheat them, something like “married woman cheated by her husband”. 

Some women married from wrong reasons as “woman who rush in marriage because she is pregnant”, “that woman caught last train, so she is in marriage now” etc. etc. 

Let’s see how will some people feel when they recognize their spots?


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